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time & patience
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Rose Mary's notes for this recipe:
This is an inexpensive way to bind all of your favorite Just a Pinch Recipes together for little or nothing. I went to Office Depot and had 355 pages bound together for less than $5.00. I got a clear front cover, and a solid back cover. I organized my recipes into categories, then listed each recipe in each category in alphabetical order. I divided my recipes into 13 categories. After I had them bound together with the laminated coil binding, I TABBED EACH CATEGORY for easier refrencing as you can see from the side view. Now I can get to all of my favorite recipes very quickly.
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Take all of those saved copies of your recipes, and those that you have saved of your friends & favorite cooks, and create a personal spiral bound cookbook. We all have saved recipes, and this is an inexpensive way to have them bound together and in order, and it is much better than the 3 ring binders.
Divide ALL of your Favorite recipes into categories, then list them in alphabetical order in each category. Then put them in order. DON'T FORGET TO CREATE A COVER PAGE.
Now take them to Office Depot, and have them all bound together. I have made 3 books and they all have been created for under five dollars EACH. It will make it so much easier to find that special recipe. After they have been bound then tab each category with a personal tab, and you can reach your recipes much faster.
You can even create a few EXTRA books, and give them away as gifts. Just a little way to make life just a bit easier, and more organized.

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user Jan Bartholome 2HandsForHim - Jul 1, 2012
Great idea, Rose Mary! Thanks for sharing it with us! I have a ton of wonderful recipes from my South Beach Diet days that are like these from JAP--printed off the computer and just kept in a folder. Every time I want one that I haven't put on a card in my recipe box, I have to thumb through about 100 sheets of loose paper to find it. They will be the first to be done this way!
user Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois - Jul 1, 2012
I am very pleased that you like my idea Jan. We are all trying to make each others lives a little less chaotic. Every little bit helps I always say. Thanks for the comments. Have a good night. I see you are keeping late hours too.
user Phyllis Lively PhyllisBaker - Jul 1, 2012
Wow Lady Rose - wonderful idea and end result. Great job!
I'm sure easier said than done though.
One problem young lady. In your list of ingredients I see there are just a few things needed. Can you help me out with something? Please let me know where I can get some time and patience.
user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Jul 1, 2012
Great idea!

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