easy tea tree shampoo for dogs/goats

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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

a bottle of shampoo
5 Min

This is very easy and works well on any scrapes or bites they might have from their playing. Tea tree in an antiseptic. Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural remedy for hundreds of bacterial and fungal skin ailments such as acne, abscess, oily skin, blisters, sun burns, athlete's foot, warts, herpes, insect bites, rashes, dandruff and other minor wounds and irritations.

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drops tea tree e.o. per 1 oz of shampoo
1 bottle
pet shampoo

Directions Step-By-Step

mix well and use as directed

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Melanie Cope gr8gr8aunty
Jun 29, 2011
While tea tree oil is a wonderful thing for humans, I recently found out that it is TOXIC to dogs - even in small amounts. I would definitely recommend consulting your veterinarian before using this on any of your pets!!!!

On the "plus" side, if your community (schools, daycares etc.) has problems with the control of the dreaded head lice, a few drops of tea tree oil in your own shampoo will take care of the problem. They REALLY don't like it and will not decide to make a home on your child's head.
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jun 30, 2011
Ok Had never seen anything on don't use on dogs, and way to much on use. Sometimes the food and drug belittles natural, sometimes it may be a recently found fact. I am unsure which it is!

I went to 5 sites with pets and tea tree. the first two said not on cats or small dogs (never heard that abbout small dogs), the second two raved on it. so I went to a fifth site. It said something a little different. Here it is:

NOTE: Do not feed tea tree to your pets or use on their skin in full strength- very dangerous and toxic. However in the proper diluted forms- Tea Tree is extremely useful for the pets skin and health. Not only will this essential oil heal- but it will also encourage new cell and coat growth and can reduce URI's and boost the immune system for both you and your pet. We suggest using only the Tea tree Hydrosol products for the cats, as in our Anna Line! For actual Tea Tree on cats is toxic!

So it is my suggestion to, ask your vet as always for their input and suggestions. I have used this and my dog was fine, no side effects, However, and this is a big however! My dog is a Siberian Husky and almost 90 pounds. So she would be included in the no small or medium dogs.

We will have to ask a vet "Laurie McCall" what is your thought on this

Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jun 30, 2011
Melanie where did you get the info from
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