Cody-lu Lord Of the Winds

Stormy Stewart


Cody was bought from a pet shop in Colorado. He is now almost 10 years old. He is the Husband of Cheyenne Autumn Empress of Racoons. The had two litters at total of 11 pups. He now lives with his son Demon and Molly and and Mia. Molly was Jon's black lab and Mia is the new pup Terra hopes to mate Demon with.

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dog who believes he was royality


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1Cody-lu loves sunning himself on a cool day. He has bad knees because the breeder inter breed her animals so much.

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2Cody-lu hates being scolded (He is a furniture pee-r when you don't watch him. He is now living with my daughter and her pack of huskys where he reins as male leader ogf the pack.

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3Cody-lu loves laying around with his daughter Raptor lil Lady

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4Cody-lu is the one I wrote "Through the Eyes of a LU" about. He became my protector when my ex left. He wouldn't allow any man in the house without being inbetween us.

Cody-lu now lives with my daughter in her new home.

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