Turkey lettuce wraps by freda


By FREDA GABLE cookin4me

as many as you like
10 Min

Turkey Leftovers coming up, This is the day after turkey day, We have Leftover Turkey, and Cranberries So this will be the Full meal deal of the day.
Hope you'll consider leftovers made simple, yet everyone enjoys. I promise, They won't say "leftovers again"!

pinch tips: How to Core and Slice a Pineapple


lettuce leaves, washed and cleaned
sliced turkey ( leftover from turkey day, or deli turkey)
leftover cranberry sauce
leftover stuffing
flour tortillas (optional)
avocado slices, tomatoe slices, & shredded cheese (is optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Lay your tortilla (optional) on the plate,
Then Place the Lettuce on your tortillas,
OR (Just Omit the tortilla)
and follow the remaining directions:
Place a washed letuce leaf flat on your plate.
layer on the lettuce leaf,
Sliced turkey, (leftover from Thanksgiving dinner,)
Then a spoon of cranberry sauce,
add a spoon of leftover Stuffing
Plus any of the Optional Items,
now Roll up as for a burrrito.
(Cheese, avocado, & tomatoes is optional.)
You can add tomatoes and avacodo slices to this and it is soo good. One of my favorite things to make out of leftover turkey, I add the avocado to mine.

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Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Nov 25, 2011
It is already leftover day
Loretta Jasper shadowbaddo
Nov 25, 2011
Oh Freda....this sounds so yummy....I may have to go get a turkey before Christmas and make these....thanks for sharing your fabulous recipes....(I never get tired of eating turkey, I know a lot of people groan about left-overs, but what the hey....it tastes good!!!)
FREDA GABLE cookin4me
Nov 25, 2011
Loretta, this one won't bust the waistlines too badly after Turkey day, Enjoy.
I like leftover turkey about 3 days,
Hot turkey sands, these Wraps or a sand, and the last day Turkey Soup.