Lump on a Clump

Colleen Sowa



We sometimes cook without the kids help, & when we do they are constantly nagging, "When are we eating, what are we eating?"

So I make things up & say, "Soap on a Rope", "Lump on a Clump".

When we made this particular dinner, I told them Lump on a Clump. They loved it, & ask for it just like that every once in a while.

The CLUMP is mashed potatoes, the LUMP is steak, it is surrounded by whole kernel corn.

Have fun cooking (with or without the kids), but find a fun way to include them in the way you talk about the meal or how you serve it.

Play With Your Food ! XO


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4 Hr 20 Min
40 Min
Stove Top



2 tsp
beef base
1 c
burgundy wine
1/3 tsp
mustard seed
2 tsp
garlic powder
1/4 tsp
ground cayenne pepper
1 tsp
ground black pepper
1/2 tsp
sea salt
1 tsp
ground cardamom
1 tsp
poultry seasoning


3 lb
thin cut round steak or chuck steak


5 lb
russet potatoes or red potatoes (peeled)
1 stick
butter or margarine
1 c
sour cream
0 - 1 c
milk (if needed) add slowly for desired consistancy
1 tsp
sea salt


2 can(s)
whole kernel, peas, mixed vegetables, carrots or green beans


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1Mix Burgundy Marinade ingredients in bowl.

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2Put meat into marinade. Refrigerate 3-8 hours in zipper bag or covered bowl.

Cut up meat into desired size pieces.

Refrigerate marinade until needed.

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3Wash, peel and cut up potatoes.

Put in large kettle and cover with water.

Boil until tender.

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4Brown meat well.

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5Add marinade to pan at this time and simmer until marinade is thickened and meat is tender.

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6Drain boiled potatoes.
Add potato ingredients.
Mash potatoes or beat slowly with electric mixer.

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7Heat whole kernel corn in it's liquid in a small sauce pan.

OR.... drain corn, heat in skillet with 1 TBS. butter or margarine. This gives a richer flavor.

*** You can do this with what ever vegetable you choose.

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8Put a scoop of mashed potatoes into center of a bowl.

Surround the potatoes with the corn.

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9Add desired amount of steak on top of the potatoes.

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10Serve nice and hot! ox

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Steaks and Chops
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American