Tuna Surprise

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By jan c xojewel

For the cheese lover, yeah you, you know who you are.

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6-8 or 2 all week long
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1 box
kraft mac and cheese reg flavor cooked according to box directions
1 can(s)
cream of mushroom soup
4 can(s)
tuna- oil or water the way you like it
1/2 can(s)
1 pkg
frozen peas
onion chopped
2 c
cheddar cheese
2 c
mozzarella cheese
top with french fried onion rings for a lot more calories, i mean crunch.
1 red bell pepper chopped
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Directions Step-By-Step

Heat oven to 375. Spray 13" x 9" pan with Pam cooking spray etc.
Prepare Mac and Cheese and Frozen Peas according to package directions on each.

In the meantime......
In a large pan, add the Cream of muchroom soup and 1/2 can of milk heat until disolved.
Add the 4 cans of drained Tuna and heat through.
You can add the onion and red pepper if using that option.
Add the prepared Mac and Cheese and Peas to the mixture and stir together.
Put in the prepared 13 x 9 pan, top with 2 cups of mozzerella and 2 cups of cheddar. At this point you can top with French Fried Onions if you like.
Put into oven and cook 30 min. The last 10 min of cooking time turn oven up to 400. It may take a few more minutes but watch not to burn cheese or onion if using them.
This delight is done when the cheese is so ooeey and gooey it strings and wont stop. Cheese lover you know what I mean.

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