Feast of the Seven Fishes

Kim Biegacki


Tradition at it's finest & served up for those who are Catholic and Italian-American; not all, but many love to have a Feast of Fishes for Christmas Eve. Now my Polish/Catholic Grandma would do just "3" fish dishes that included fried smelt, baked halibut fillets and clam chowder. It is varied how many fish/seafood dishes that a family may serve from 3,5,7 or more.
However, way back in the day it was an abstinence of meat and milk products which included a 24 hour fast prior to the feast. This was to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
This is a tradition we continue to improve upon.

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Deep Fry



smelt, fried
cod, fried
scallops, fried
shrimp, fried
calamari, (squid) fried


italian tuna salad
crab dip


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1I like to buy this tray of fried fish for Christmas Eve at our favorite local Italian restaurant called Vernon's Cafe. Since I'm a "Northern" girl I don't fry too many foods which makes this very convenient. It has smelt, cod, scallops, shrimp and calamari.

---One of the most famous fried fishes is baccala; a salted cod fish but some don't like it and therefore opt for another choice of fish.

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2TUNA LOVE: 3 of my favorite tuna recipes. Italian Tuna Salad that is served w/o the salami for the Feast of the Fishes.
Here is another favorite of mine...Amazing Albacore Tuna Salad This is another yummy tuna "love" recip. Albacore Tuna Muffins

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3SALMON LOVE: Grilled salmon is a favorite of ours & here are a few.
Apricot & Country Mustard Salmon
Grilled Salmon with Hoisin sauce
Nutty Crusted Salmon w/Coconut Rum Sauce

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4TILAPIA LOVE: Another favorite fish of ours. Spicy Orange Tilapia --this one is steamed cooked in parchment paper; oh so good!!! The other one is a delicious blackened seasoning that you fry up in a pan or grill. Blackened Tilapia

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5CRABBY LOVE: This recipe is always a hit and super easy to make, Crab Wonton Cups. The next is a cool & spicy salad, Cool & Creamy Crabby Salad with Zing. Last but not least in the crabby recipes is by far my favorite that I make is Crabby Chili Cheese Dip.

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6SHRIMP LOVE: 2 super easy recipes that can be made up quickly. Shrimp & Broccoli Saute' and Hot & Sour Shrimp Saute' along with a shrimp salad recipe that is quite unique, Blackened Shrimp Salad with Roasted Oranges.

2 OUTSTANDING JUST A PINCH RECIPES THAT I RECENTLY MADE:Tiff's Shrimp Scampi AND Yang Chow Fried Rice are incredible!

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73 AMAZING SAUCES FROM 3 AMAZING COOKS ON JUST A PINCH: I've made this incredible tartar sauce and it is THE BEST I've ever had. Homemade Tartar Sauce, I've also made this sweet & sour sauce that would pair well with any dish. Sweet and Sour Sauce for Chicken/Pork/Fish, I am looking forward to making this sauce very soon. I love a good remoulade. Remoulade Sauce.

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