Creamed Tuna on Toast -- WHAT?? Recipe

Creamed Tuna on Toast -- WHAT??

Debbie Quimby


I will admit, there is absolutely nothing about this recipe that made sense to me growing up, other than I really liked it. Mama made it often as a way to stretch a dollar.

But, Mama also told us that you shouldn't drink milk with fish. So when I found out she used milk to make this for us, I had some moments of uncertainty ... was my saint of a mother trying to get rid of me?? LOL!

Bottom line, it always reminds me of home and four hungry kids whose mom always served up dishes made with lots of love!

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1 stick
butter or margarine
2 Tbsp
1 1/2 c
1 can(s)
tuna, drained
bread, toasted

Directions Step-By-Step

Melt margarine or butter in a skillet over medium to low heat (don't burn the butter). Add flour and brown to make a light roux.
Stir in the milk to make a gravy, stirring to keep from sticking until it reaches desired thickness.
Add the tuna, stir, and heat well.
Toast bread until lightly browned (no butter, just plain toast) and serve tuna over the toast.

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