My Crispy Fried Chicken

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Serves: 4-6
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Cooking Method: Pan Fry


6-10 chicken pieces of your preference.
2 c flour for dredging
2 c crisco shortening or vegetable oil for frying
1 Tbsp garlic powder
1 Tbsp onion powder
salt & pepper

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Karla's notes for this recipe:
My girls have always liked my fried chicken. My Mom taught me how to fry it this way when I first started cooking years ago. It's really juicy and delicious hot, and just as delicious cold.

One time when we went camping, I fried up a lot of chicken and took it for our first night's meal. Ever since then I had to bring it every time we went camping.
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Sprinkle the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and the garlic powder.
Dredge the chicken in flour until well coated.
Place chicken on a platter and season with onion powder and a small amount of some more garlic powder, salt and pepper.
In a heavy skillet on medium heat melt shortening or you can use vegetable oil. You should have about 1/2" of oil in your pan.
Once the oil has gotten hot, add your chicken pieces - meaty side down first. Don't over crowd the pan. You may have to cook in batches if you're cooking a lot of chicken.
Cover tightly and fry the chicken until golden brown (about 5 minutes.) Turn over, lightly sprinkling with more salt.
Cook each side until all sides are nice and crispy. I prop the pieces up to get all the sides crisp. Frying about 5 minutes each side.
Re-cover every time you turn the chicken, but leave the lid ajar so the steam can escape; you don't want your skin getting soft.
If you're cooking in batches, put the cooked pieces in an warm oven to keep hot while you're cooking the second batch.
The amount of seasonings are an estimate because I just generously sprinkle it on each piece. Keep an eye on your chicken and keep turning each piece over so they don't burn.
Serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie... Enjoy!!

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user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Jan 29, 2012
Love this Karla... thanks for posting! xo
user Sandy Griffith MomNana - Jan 29, 2012
Sounds yummy Karla.....:)
user L D windella - Jan 29, 2012
Looks yummy delicious!!
user Bea L. BeachChic - Jan 29, 2012
Holy moly, Karla, this sounds absolutely amazing!!!! Garlic and onion powder in the flour has gotta put it over the top. Winner! Winner! SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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