Maple Smoked Chicken Breasts

Lynn Socko


I brined the Chicken in a Maple seasoned brine. I rubbed the chicken with a Maple seasoning, I basted it with a Honey Maple BBQ Sauce while smoking it with Maple Wood Chunks. Can you say MAPLE anyone!!

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24 Hr


2 Hr 30 Min


boneless skinless chicken breasts
8 c
2 Tbsp
coarse sea salt
6 Tbsp
mccormicks smokehouse maple seasoning
honey maple bbq sauce-see link below

Directions Step-By-Step

These chicken breasts were quite large so I only put 4 in each gallon ziploc bag. To each bag I added 3 tbs of Maple seasoning and 1 tbs of sea salt and 4 c of water (or enough to cover chicken completely). I let it brine overnight in the fridge.
The morning of smoking, I drained the water and patted the chicken down with a paper towel. Then I mixed equal parts Maple seasoning to olive oil, mixed it together and rubbed the chicken on both sides. (4 tbs Maple seasoning, 4 tbs olive oil).
Then I prepared my smoker with charcoal and Maple wood chunks I had soaked overnight. I basted the chicken as it smoked with my Honey Maple BBQ sauce.
I sliced up the leftovers and made BBQ sammies.
Here's a good reference for cooking times and temps:

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