Turkey or Roast Beef Manhattan

Kimi Gaines Recipe

By Kimi Gaines kimijo


My husband along with my sister and her husband went to the Amish Community in Sarasota, Fl to eat at "Yoders" run by the Amish. It is a retirement community. Most of them have returned to their homes, but some stay year around. I had a Turkey Manhattan.


1 slice
homemade bread sliced thick
2 large
slices of turkey
scoop of homemade mashed potatoes
homemade chicken gravy

Directions Step-By-Step

Place bread on a dinner plate, turkey on top, a scoop of potatoes and smother it with gravy. ****you can do this with roast beef too.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Turkey, Other Breads, Roasts

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Kimi Gaines kimijo
Jul 28, 2012
We were just at Yoder's again last weekend. I love them!! This time I had their Turkey Dinner. Brought most of it home!!
Kelly Thaman Kelcandy
Jul 27, 2012
I live in Indiana...nowhere near an Amish community and these are a staple here. When I ran a kitchen we had manhattan sandwiches as lunch specials, either turkey or roast beef, and people would plan their lunches around them each week!! Add a side of cole slaw and you have a great meal!!
Brenda Downey BJD
May 3, 2012
Kimi, I agree..that is the best of educations..I truly feel it is an important type of education, because we have to take care and nurture other people (our families)..they probably are very good at this due to their education..they know how to make and create many things because their mothers passed the knowledge onto them!
Kimi Gaines kimijo
May 3, 2012
Yes...they have a lot more color. One other thing their doctrine teaches salvation and Amish do not. The Amish believe God chooses who will go into heaven. The Mennonites still live simpler lives, but not as strict. There can be a lot of animosity with each other but you would never know it. In Sarasota they have a fruit stand and both Amish & Mennonite work there. They are all so sweet and very kind. Several years back I went with my family and we were on our way out and all of Amish were carrying chairs to a sing a long. I wanted to go so bad, but my daughter wanted to head somewhere else.