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TENDER Eye of Round roast

By Skip Davis Grandpaskip

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This cut of Beef is not known for it's tenderness, but it can be cooked in such a way as to make it socculent,juicy AND tender.
The secret is in HOW it is cooked !!
Follow me through a few simple steps to enjoy a roast of unbelieveable goodness.
To be any easier, the roast would have to jump into the oven by itself.


3 to 4 lb
eye of round roast
1 tsp
kosher salt
1/2 tsp
freshly cracked black pepper
6 clove
garlic (optional)
1 tsp
herbs of choice (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Slice 6 cloves of peeled garlic in half. Make deep slits all around the meat and insert the garlic pieces into the slits on the beef. (Insert finger into slit to expand it to accept garlic).
Rub surface of meat with olive or canola oil. Season roast with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you desire.
Heat a cast iron deep skillet to screaming hot and sear meat on all sides. No oil needed except the oil used prior to seasoning. This is going to create a LOT of smoke. Turn on hood fan and/or open windows.
Place roast, on a rack, in roasting pan or baking dish. DO NOT COVER or add liquid. Place in 500 degree oven and then immediately turn the heat down to 475 degrees.
Roast at 475 for 7 to 8 minutes per pound. So with A 3 pound roast, it will be done in about 21 to 24 minutes.
After prescribed roasting time, turn oven OFF and let roast sit in oven for 2-1/2 hours.
Do NOT open the door during this time.
When 2-1/2 hours have elapsed, remove roast from oven, rest for 10 minutes covered loosely with foil, carve across the grain into thin slices.

NOTE: The secret to this method of roasting is the high heat and prolonged time in a CLOSED oven with heat off.

It works like magic !! Believe me.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Roasts
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American
Other Tag: Healthy

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Skip Davis Grandpaskip
Apr 29, 2015
Annie - The residual heat in the oven during the waiting period after turning off the heat is an important part of the complete cooking process. I have never encountered a problem as my oven also has a small fan that helps it to cool down. Give it a shot, with the understanding that you may have to add some additional heat prior to serving. I have been told that one of the JAP ladies found her roast to be luke warm at end of waiting time.
anne banham anne53
Apr 29, 2015
Hi Skip, I have a fairly new electric oven, and when switched off the fan inside cool the oven off. With this effect the cooking of this eye of round roast
Jane Whittaker janenov46
Jan 19, 2015
I so want to make this again bc it comes out perfect. Problem is cute as they are, I don't want the fire men to show up.
We purchased a house last May and moved in July. I was using the broiler and had the stove fan on like I always do. i did not know it did not vent to the outside, and was just blowing smoke around in the kitchen
HOLY COW!!!!! The smoke alarms went off, and since it is hooked to the alarm system, the fire dept showed up.
Geeze MAJOR embarressment. First thing I told the fireman was I really know how to cook. LOL
We are getting an estimate on having that fan being vented to the outside. GW thinks that when one of the hurricanes hit they just fixed the roof and roofed over the fan vent.
Scott Bee Gee nzbova
Jan 18, 2015
My go to roast recipe. Never had a fail with this year no matter what cut of beef.
I usually adjust the time based on size and always add more garlic :)

I find if its a little to rare I slice it thin and simmer it in gravy which take out the last little bit of cooking and always makes a gravy a little better.
Skip Davis Grandpaskip
Dec 19, 2014
I am so very sorry that your experience with the Roasted Eye of Round was less than successful. I have been doing both Premium Rib roasts and lesser cuts of Beef by this method for 50 + years. As noted in the recipe, the use of Garlic is optional. Many other JAP members have used this recipe in the past with great results as their comments would indicate. It has been said, they make both chocolate AND vanilla ice cream because not everyone likes the same flavor. That having been said, I hope you do not totally give up on my recipes from past postings on Just A Pinch. Hugs and Merry Christmas, Grandpaskip