Osso Bucco and Vegetables

Rhonda E


I first had Osso Bucco in San Francisco at the U.S. Restaurant in North Beach and I loved it. I always wanted to make my own and I was able to do that through searching through different recipes and coming up with my own recipe.

Thanks for all the help and info provided by members here I was able to make a delicious sauce that reminds me of that Restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco.

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1 Hr


25 Min


Pressure Cooker


1 1/2 lb beef oxtails (fat removed)
1 1/2 lb beef chuck (fat removed) cut into large chunks
1 c
adolph's meat tenderizer
1 bunch
fresh basil leaf
bay leaf
1 Tbsp
unsalted butter
onion chopped
4 clove
garlic chopped
celery stalk
1 can(s)
14.5 oz stewed tomatoes rinsed and chopped (my can had sugar in it).
1 can(s)
8 oz. tomato sauce
2 c
beef broth, reduced sodium
1/2 c
red wine medium sweetness
large potatoes
lrg carrots
lrg parsnips
40 oz
jar whole button mushrooms
4 Tbsp
olive oil

Directions Step-By-Step

Make sure you cut off every bit of fat that you can get to. There is plenty of flavor in the Oxtail and you don't need any of the fat ruining your sauce and making it oily. Cut every bit of fat off on both Meats.
Season Generously with Adolph's Meat Tenderizer (this is like salt but better) and Pepper. I didn't add more salt after this but you can if you want. I think the Tenderizer is enough salt. *Note: When you add the sauce to the meat it will make the sauce saltier. So try not to add any.
Put Flour in a Bag and add 1/2 the meat and shake it around and remove it and put in a hot skillet with the olive oil and Sear the Meat. Do the same thing with the other 1/2 of remaining meat. Put in a Pressure Cooker or Stock Pot. I used a pressure cooker.
Add the Rosemary Bunch, Fresh Basil Leaf & The Bay Leaf.
In the skillet with the drippings add 1 tablespoon butter, the chopped onion & garlic. Simmer and add a little of your broth to keep the onions moist and simmering. Let simmer 2-3 minutes.
Add the remaining 2 cups of beef broth and then the rinsed stewed chopped tomatoes. Heat until hot.
Add the Red Wine. Let it cook for a few minutes to incorporate together.
Pour all of the ingredients into the Pressure Cooker, Slower, Or stove top. (** See Note at bottom for cooking methods)with the Spices and Seared Meat. Gently stir and loosen the meat from sitting on the bottom.
Close the lid and turn on high, after the Pressure Cooker starts to Rock turn it down just low enough to keep it rocking then set the timer for 25 minutes.
While the meat is cooking. Peel your Potatoes, Carrots, & Parsnips and cut into large chunks. And wait for the meat to finish cooking.
When the meat is done and you can open the pressure cooker *Note: Very Important: (do not stir any sediments from the bottom of the pan) cut the button mushrooms in half and add to the Osso Bucco. Cover to keep warm.
In another pan boil your vegetables until desired tenderness.
Scoop out the Osso Bucco careful not to scrape the bottom of the Pressure cooker and put in a large bowl.
Serve with the Vegetables and a Loaf of French Baguette Bread.
This recipe is excellent with the Button Mushrooms, Parsnips and Warm Baguette Bread. It really makes for a wonderful combination.
Pressure Cooker 25 min. Contents will settle at bottom and stick to the pot. *Do not stir when done*
Slow Cooker: Low 8-10 hours or until meat falls apart.
Stove Top: Simmer 3 hrs, Stir often, no scraping bottom of pan. Cook until meat falls apart.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Other Main Dishes, Roasts
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: Italian
Dietary Needs: Kosher