Fried Won Ton Chips

Joyce Harrison


When I decided to make Egg Drop Soup, of course I had to make to chips to go with it!!! It's amazing that something sooo simple to make is just sooo darn good!!!
I use the Frieda's brand. The LaSoya brand does not taste as good, nor do they fry as well. Be sure to buy the freshest date possible, because as they get old, they do not separate well, nor will they puff up as they fry!!!

When friends and family come, (especially the children) they immediately go to the pantry, and begin snacking on them!!!

I really enjoy them with my favorite glass of wine!!!

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10 Min


1 pkg
won ton wrappers (12 oz), not egg roll wrappers
vegetable oil (2-4 inches deep)


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1Heat oil. I use a Fry Daddy (with a basket) that is set to the hottest setting (400-450 degrees).

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2Remove the wrappers from the package. I do this by turning the package upside down, and using the top of my knife to cut an "X" from corner to corner.

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3Carefully divide the stack in half, making 2 stacks, keeping them perfectly aligned. (I use a flexible mat.)

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4Using a large knife with a wide straight blade, begin at the top of the stack, and make one swift cut from top to bottom. Repeat 2 more cuts, and this will yield 4 stacks.

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5Turn your cutting surface one-quarter turn, and make 3 more cuts, to yield 16 stacks of squares.

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6To separate for frying, carefully scoop up handfuls of cut pieces, raise your arms and just drop them onto cutting mat. Continue this until all pieces are separated.

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7Once oil has reached at least 400 degrees (or the light goes off of Fry Daddy) drop a handful of squares into the hot oil. Using a long handle fork, IMMEDIATELY and CONTINUOUSLY, gently stir and separate the chips to promote even cooking.

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8When they JUST BEGIN to turn LIGHT brown, remove them from the oil, (if using a frying basket, let drain over pot while shaking to remove as much oil as possible) and place into container that has been lined with paper towels. They only take a few seconds to cook!! They will continue to darken after being removed from the oil.

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9After each batch has been fried, repeat steps 4-8 for the 2nd stack. (I use separate air tight storage containers for each stack.) Allow chips to cool thoroughly before covering. They will keep for a couple of days ... but are best when eaten the 1st day.
Ummmmmm...soooo light and crunchy!!!!!!

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