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Pomegranate and Chocolate Peach Protein Breakfast Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland BOseland

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1 or 2 with ice
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Barbara's Story

Super refreshing breakfast drink that is so quick and satisfying. If you cannot find the pomegranate yogurt, try plain yogurt and add some pomegranate juice to it. Adding just a bit of splenda and honey takes away a little bit of the tart in the juices. Big pick me up.


3/4 c
pomegranate greek yogurt
1/4 c
plain non fat yogurt
2 slice
canned peaches (reserve juice)
2 Tbsp
peach juice
1/2 c
low fat milk
1 medium
banana broken in chunks (if using frozen cut back on ice)
2 tsp
wheat germ
2 tsp
2 Tbsp
lemon juice
2 Tbsp
2 pkg
scoup of protein powder in chocolate (containing 25g protein)
2 Tbsp
cocoa powder (optional)
ice cubes

Directions Step-By-Step

Place half the ice cubes in blender and pulse to break them up. Add in yogurts, peach slices, juice milk and banana and pulse a few times. Add remaining ice, honey wheat germ, lemon and oj, splenda pack protein powder and pulse 3 or 4 times to break up remaining ice, then blend for 15-30 seconds to desired consistency. This will be on the thicker side, between a smoothie and slushy. There is enough for 2 when adding in all ice, but remember, its ice. If you use a frozen banana, you can cut down on the ice by about half, crush 4 in the blender and serve over 3 to keep cold.
I love the Chobani Greek Style flavored and plain yogurts. Check for them to go on sale and try them, they are great for smoothies!
For protein powder, I use APC Whey Protein powder in chocolate. This will not have a strong chocolate taste, just more of a hint of chocolate. Add the cocoa powder if you would like a little more chocolate flavor, I omit it in mine. Try this with any kind you have, or if you do not have any and do not wish to put protein powder in the smoothie, try this with Ovaltine or Carnation Instant Breakfast, or omit all together if you like.

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    julie jeorge julie12 - Oct 29, 2011
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    Barbara Oseland BOseland - Nov 1, 2011
    Hi Julie,

    I don't have that info readily available as these are created (not pulled from another site). Any that I do pull will have info given or printed from them. Unfortunately, I am not a nutritionist and am not sure how to compile the information to get calories (is it from weight, cups, how much is a dash) fat, protein, etc. Any smoothies that suggest a protein powder, I can tell you that I use one that has 25 g. of protein in it, but I would not know what someone else is using, what that calorie is, fat, sugar, etc. Same for juices, yogurts, peanut butter and such. I could research how to calculate these going further if enough requests are made, (and if I find something out there that has the info I will certainly post it) but then it would have to be followed exactly (brand, amounts, etc) and there really are many factors that could change this and I do not want to give out inaccurate information.