DIY Cranberry Juice from Fresh Cranberries

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By Susan Feliciano frenchtutor

1 quart
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I don't like all the sugar found in most cranberry juices, and even those without sugar are usually diluted with apple, grape, or pear juice. If you're looking for pure cranberry juice, whether for health reasons or just plain goodness, try this recipe. I love the fact that you can choose to use real sugar or honey, or Stevia or Splenda to sweeten it, or even half of each, to control the calories.
I have also done this with frozen cranberries, because the fresh are not always available. Let them thaw before using.


4 c
fresh cranberries (about 2 bags)
1 Tbsp
fresh lemon juice
2 c
water (use distilled or spring water for purity)
1 c
granulated sugar
1 1/4 c
stevia-in-the-raw or splenda, **or**
7/8 c
light honey, like clover or orange blossom
additional water to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Place the 2 cups of water and lemon juice into a scrupulously clean blender container. Add the 4 cups of cranberries.
Blend on medium-high speed for 2-3 minutes. If your blender is very powerful, 2 minutes may be sufficient. I blended mine for the full 3 minutes. You want to arrive at a thick liquid with no solid chunks. Place the lidded blender container in the refrigerator overnight to steep.
Remove the container in the morning. Strain the juice through a fine mesh strainer into a medium saucepan. Press to remove all juice. Discard any solid material, or use it to make jam (see my other recipe).
Add the sugar (or Stevia, Splenda, or honey) to the juice and heat gently over medium heat just until the sugar or sweetener is dissolved. This will not take long, especially with the calorie-free sweeteners. Do not boil this liquid, just warm it up to aid the dissolving of the sugar.
Remove from heat and add 1 cup of cold water. You may add more or less water, depending on your tastes. Less water will yield a sweeter cranberry juice. I used 1 1/2 cups, and it was perfect for me.
Transfer the cranberry juice to a drink pitcher, and chill in refrigerator before serving. You can also add ice cubes to speed the chilling process.

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: American
Hashtags: #sugar-free, #natural

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cindy staffa cindystaffa
Dec 17, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Susan Feliciano frenchtutor
Nov 27, 2013
Sorry if I came across as saying you might not be using clean containers. I just always include that in my instructions for anything that will be kept in the refrigerator. It's the nurse in me - we are trained very thoroughly on how to avoid food poisoning.
I'm sure you do fine, and good luck with the juice.
There's only me at home right now, so I have to be really careful about how much I refrigerate and how much I freeze. I hate having to throw things out.
Midnight Realm Realm
Nov 27, 2013
A second thought, this is not a forum for me. Getting insulted at the very first response, that is really something!
Midnight Realm Realm
Nov 26, 2013
Thank you for the quick response Susan.

I am not sure why you'd think I would use anything that is not washed. I am European and as my hubby said a cleaning freak... I have only one kidney and I am past my midlife crisis already; looking for a better way of staying healthy; not speaking of disliking the over-sweetened and over-diluted fruit juices/cocktails sold on the marked these days.

I did only one bag portion and froze the other bag - not in whole, I first washed the cranberries really well under running water (not a city water); took out all bruised and not healthy looking pieces and froze them separately on a baking pan (washed as well :); then put in a Ziploc bag.

Blending/ cutting fruits and vegetables destroys vitamin C... Keeping fruit intact and freezing it is a much better option than blending it and freezing. Freezing weakens the vitamins and minerals as well; but, it is still a better option than having nothing in a time fresh cranberries are not in the stores. Aldi has fresh cranberries for $.88 right now - a good time to buy more.

I think if I would put more than just a tablespoon of the lemon juice in, it could keep the juice fresh a bit longer. The best prevention of having the juice spoiled is to use only healthy looking fruits.