Water kefer Cream Soda

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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

8 cups
Prep Time:

The vanilla gives this fermented drink the taste of a cream soda.

Water kefer can be bought in it's dehydrated form or as a life kefer.

Deb Crane sent me some last week Thank you Deb.

It is a probiotic drink without the heavy vinegar taste you get from Kombucha.

Kefer helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.It is loaded with valuable enzymes, easily digestible sugars, beneficial acids, vitamins and minerals. Water kefir supplies your body with billions of healthy bacteria and yeast strains. Folic acid (and B vitamins) increases as the length of the ferment increases.


1 c
8 c
1 Tbsp
pure vanilla extract
1 c
live water kefer or 1/2 cup dehydrated kefer

Directions Step-By-Step

In a sauce pan add the sugar and 2 cups water, heat until sugar dissolves (stir the entire time). the cool until slightly warm and add to a large glass bowl or jug along with the kefer, vanilla and the rest of the water.
Allow to sit for three days and strain into a pitcher. You can then make another batch with the same kefer.

Note: In some places on the internet it is spelled Kefer and some places it is spelled Kefir. But it is the same product.

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Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 13, 2013
I just used vanilla extract. Vanilla beans are so expensive
Sue H Soos
Jul 13, 2013
I got my Kefir yesterday and they were frozen the instructions are to make a couple of batches before they become active. I am so excited. I started a batch last night. I need to get some organic sugar but they say it will feed on store bought sugar also. I will let you know. I do have some vanilla beans so that is what I am going to try first....then some ginger.
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 2, 2013
Thanks but most places say it is more reliable to use dehydrated as the others can die.
Sue H Soos
Jun 27, 2013
I just watched a video on Kefir for those who are really interested...here is the website....you can also buy live organic kefir from her.

Deb Crane songchef
Mar 28, 2013
The first batch I made was with organic sugar also, organic raisins orange slices and lemon slices.
Then I tried it with molasses and they turned a darker color. They did better with the white sugar and raisins. The molasses had a different taste I didnt like as well.
I hope they do good for you! I really should try it again myself. Maybe during our break next week.