Skin/Hair Moisturizing Raspberry Chia Green Tea

Judy Rowland


After paying $5 for a small bottle of this in the health food store I decided to come up with my own recipe!! Can anyone say INEXPENSIVE!

*You can actually feel a difference in your hair and skin after just ONE pitcher!
*Anti-oxidant RICH!
*If you don't like that fishy taste when trying to get your Omega-3's from Fish Oil....REJOICE....this is one of the richest plant sources of Omega-3's with out that fishy taste!!
*Boost your metabolism!
*Kick Start your weight loss!!
*FUN in your mouth!
*Keep your skin moisturized from the inside out and this will be our beauty secret...SHHHHHHHHH!

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12 oz. pkg
frozen raspberries
individual bags of jasmine green tea
1 c
1 c
stevia sweetner
3 scoop(s)
chia seeds


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1Boil a pot of Jasmine Green Tea with the 3 bags of tea. Let cool.

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2Boil one bag of frozen raspberries and one cup of water until mush. Let cool.

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3Pour raspberry mush through a sieve over your pitcher.

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4Add one cup of Stevia sweetener or to desired sweetness.

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5Add 3 scoops of Chia Seeds to completely cooled tea (so the seeds wont clump together)and let set at least ten minutes then stir each time before enjoying a glass of cold, FUN tea!!