Migraine Tincture

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3 parts lemon balm fresh or dry
2 parts feverfew fresh odry
100 proof vodka

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Solvent (i.e. 100 proof
alcohol or vegetable glycerin)

quart-sized glass jar
4 oz. fresh or 2 oz. of dried herbs
3 parts lemon balm
2 parts feverfew
100 proof vodka to fill (approximately 16 ounces)
Measure your herbs depending on wh
ether you are using fresh or dried herbs.
If using fresh herbs, chop until fine
Add herbs to glass jar.
Pour solvent over herbs to fill the jar. The solvent should rise 1
2 inches above the herbs.
Place the lid on the jar and shake until the herbs are we
ll combined.
Label jar with contents and date.
Set in a warm, sunny window and steep for 2
6 weeks, shaking daily.
Strain with a cheesecloth, compost the plant material, and place tincture in dark colored
bottles for storage in a cool, dark place. The tincture should keep for up to 5 years

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user Melissa Baldan mellymel74 - Oct 1, 2013
My 10 year old son gets migraines...SO...What is lemon balm and feverfew? And what do you do with the tincture?
user Judy Kaye paintedcookie - Oct 2, 2013
They are herbs and can be found in the vitamin section or health food store. I like to grow my own and put them both into salads and other things. You can also dry them yourself.
I also get migraines so I really perked up when I saw this on the net. Hope it works for your son. Sometimes I can get rid of them just by flushing my system with water but that does not always work. I would much rather use something with known ingredients then a compound that is manufactured if at all possible.
lOl, Judy
user Melissa Baldan mellymel74 - Oct 2, 2013
I agree, Judy! It's ever harder to treat in kids, though. There aren't any medications on the market for children. So, we do Advil and sleep. It helps. I am going to look for these herbs. Thanks for posting!
user Judy Kaye paintedcookie - Oct 2, 2013
If you don't want to use vodka you might try making a sweet tea of the herbs after you have steeped it a while. You can also put the vodka and herb concoction in hot tea on the stove. The heat will burn off the alcohol.

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