DIY Carnation Instant Breakfast

Bridget Harrison Recipe

By Bridget Harrison rowanvamp0


If you're tired of purchasing expensive boxes of Instant Breakfast drink mixes, than try this filling do it yourself recipe. This makes a family size batch. If you're looking to reduce your sugar intake, substitute splenda for sugar. This makes an excellent addition to care packages for college students
who need a little pick-me up in between classes.


1-3 oz
instant pudding, any flavor
1/3 c
12 scoop(s)
protein powder, vanilla
6 c
dry milk powder
2 tsp
vanilla powder

Directions Step-By-Step

Combine all, blend well.

Blend 1 c. Ice Water & 1/3 c. mix, blend well. Add fresh fruit for a change of pace.
If you don't know how to make vanilla powder follow the recipe here:
Combine the following in Blender
or coffee grinder and Powder until Fine

1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
1 vanilla bean

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Drinks
Other Tag: Healthy

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Roseanne LaFrance Iamroseanne
Jun 6, 2015
What is the reason for the instant pudding? Is it used as a thickener?

Could you use just cocoa?

Thank you :)
Bridget Harrison rowanvamp0
Aug 14, 2013
Here's a website I found for you that has homemade Flavored Protein Powder you can make in case you don't find any in your area.
Bridget Harrison rowanvamp0
Aug 14, 2013
I just go to GNC or sometimes I've seen some at walmart..I can't remember the name but it's just a generic protein powder that's flavored vanilla.
Virginia Newton gambler1
Apr 28, 2013
Please someone tell me a good brand of protein powder, have never bought or tasted of any, I don't know anything.
Virginia Newton gambler1
Apr 21, 2013
What brand of protein powder do I use in the recipe