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I've been planning on making this Watermelon Frosty recipe for a while now. But it seemed every time we had fresh watermelon in the house it was gobbled up in just a few hours. Fresh, juicy watermelon has that instant gratification effect on people. Kinda like freshly baked bread, warm oven cookies, hot pizza or a bowl of cherries. It begs to be tasted. Now. But finally, I chopped up my seedless watermelon and tossed it into the freezer for a half day. And frosty bliss followed..

Hot Saturday. All day at the pool. Under the sun. The first tan lines of the season. Hot. Dry. Parched.
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optional: 2 shots of tequila (or sub with more water or fruit juice)
also optional: a few dashes of cayenne powder in the blender or over top when you serve!

Garnish: a few slices of watermelon - with rind on - frozen.

Blend Pour. Garnish with frozen watermelon/rind slices. Serve! Enjoy.


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user kim * Bakerella - Apr 28, 2012
This looks great .... and healthy too! Looking forward to trying this out on a hot summer Baltimore day!
user Debbie Hewitt fineleather - Jun 2, 2012
OMG!!! I can't wait to try this!!! We just picked up some watermelon and hubby is gonna cube it up and put some in the freezer today!!! :) Thanx soooo much for this recipe, I'm sure it is delish!!!
user Cynthia Reposa nursecinny - Jun 30, 2012
HELP please. Is it 1 1/4 CUP of watermelon cubes or 1 1/4 cubes? I am freezing the watermelon now.

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