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Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

By Hope Vaillancourt MissHopie87

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Hope's Story

How fun!!! Just eat the whole thing and let the party start!


1-2 pkg
fresh strawberries, prepped **see directions**
1 box
strawberry jello
4 oz
2 oz
margarita salt for garnish
lime triangles for garnish

Directions Step-By-Step

PREPPING THE STRAWBERRIES: Cut the bottoms of the strawberry flat to get them to stand upright. When you do so, make sure that you do not cut off so much that there is a hole at the bottom. Use a huller or apple corer to empty out the strawberry. Once the strawberries have been emptied, use a towel to pat the outside of the strawberries dry. Check each strawberry and make sure there is not a hole in the bottom before you start filling.
- Boil one cup of hot water in a saucepan, then add in Jell-o powder and whisk until powder is completely dissolved, about 2 minutes. Set aside. Measure out 1/4 cup of cold water and set aside.
- Combine tequila and Cointreau, in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Add liquour mixture to cold water and stir to combine. Then add cold liquour mixture to hot Jell-o mixture and stir to combine.
- Pour final Jell-o mix into strawberries and chill overnight. Dip your finger in water or use a moistened brush to wet the edge of the strawberries, dip and rotate the strawberries in salt to rim. Garnish with cut lime triangles to finish.

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Course/Dish: Cocktails

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Christina Young Christina_Young
May 18, 2014
I got this from Pinterest. It did not work out well for me. I had holes in a lot of them, that I couldn't see before filling. You must get the largest strawberries you can find! Otherwise it is as tedious as working on miniature models! Good luck to those that are ambitious enough! ;)
Linda Smith lwsinthekitchen
Jun 1, 2012
Great presentation....can't wait to make them!
Tina Woodfield TinaWoody
May 5, 2012
Let us know how they were, Patti ! Enjoy........ : )
Patti Jagodzinski Gingersnap57
May 4, 2012
makin these tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo.... husband brought home strawberries today! Yay for me!!!
Tina Woodfield TinaWoody
May 4, 2012
Hey.....where's the non-alcohol recipe ? lol lol