5 - Minute Hawaiian pie

Rochelle Kresge Recipe

By Rochelle Kresge angelgirl1961247

You can use no fat sour cream.I like to use the graham crust. Makes:6 to 8 servings

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6 to 8
Prep Time:


1 can 20 oz
pineapple, crushed with juice, undrained
1 5.1 oz
package instant vanilla pudding or pie filling
1 8 oz
container sour cream
1 can 8 oz
sliced pineapples, drained and halved
maraschino cherries, drained
2 Tbsp
sweetened flaked coconut
1 9
- inch prepared shorbread crust (graham cracker crust may be substituted)
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Directions Step-By-Step

In a large bowl, combine un-drained crushed pineapple,the pudding mix and the sour cream; mix until well blended.
Spoon into pie crust; decorate with sliced pineapple and cherries then sprinkle with the coconut.
Cover and chill for a least 2 hours before serving.

Nutrition information: Per serving:288 calories,11 grams fat,5 grams saturated fat, 48 grams carbohydrates,2 grams protein,1 gram fiber;15 milligrams cholesterol, 397milligrams sodium

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Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
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