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Rothenburg Schneeballen (Snowballs)

By JoSele Swopes JODIE57

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JoSele's Story

When we lived in German we used to go to Rothenburg Germany, it as a walled city...They have some of the best goodies I found....I got my mom and sister hooked on these too besides me being hooked on them...Each area has their own little special pastry and this is one of Rothenburgs to die for pastry...I put in a free picture from on line till I have my own to put in here...There is also a video that shows how they make they in Rothenburg.


4 1/4 c
all purpose flour
1 c
3 large
1/4 tsp
2 Tbsp
rum, spiced (captain morgan)
1 Tbsp
cream sherry
2 Tbsp
baking powder
1/2 tsp
baking soda
2 c
sour cream
1 tsp
cooking oil
powder sugar

Directions Step-By-Step

Cream sugar and eggs together then add remaining ingredients except flour add it in gradually...cut with pastry cutter knife or hands.... cut rum and cream sherry, and sour cream gradually into mixture to make dough; adding flour from board as necessary; knead about 15 to 10 minutes till dough is stiff and shiny and pliable, cover and chill in fridge at least 1 hour.
Roll out dough...about 1/4 inch thick and cut into strip...(using 3 strips)make strips into ball by wrapping them around each other(not tight but lightly)....fry in hot oil(325*F) till golden brown on one side then turn over and fry other side till golden brown all over...drain on paper towel and cool sprinkle powder sugar on top you may also dip(or drip onto) them into dipping chocolate...

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JoSele Swopes JODIE57
Dec 28, 2012
You are welcome Bonnie...
Bonnie Beck sailboat
Dec 28, 2012
Thanks Josele...
JoSele Swopes JODIE57
Dec 28, 2012
You can store them in an air tight container, I have never froze them but if you did I would freeze with out the powdered sugar on them and then put them in the powdered sugar after you thaw them......
Bonnie Beck sailboat
Dec 28, 2012
Josele...can these be stored or frozen?
JoSele Swopes JODIE57
Dec 23, 2012
Sorry Nataliya, have been out of can sub white wine.....we went to spend time with our daughter and her family, her daughters birthday was this past we spent left last Thursday and came back this was quite nice....we hadn't been able to spend time with them in quite a while....