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Barbie Cunningham Recipe

By Barbie Cunningham Barbeeznet

15 Min

This recipe has been handed down to me and have never seen it in any cookbook. I see others who have had it handed down as well, but, they each vary in quantity. I have posted this in my chicken pot pie recipe, but, would like to have it separate so it can be referred to for any pastry's that I will put up for pies etc. This has got to be the best pastry I have ever tasted and the one thing I learned making it and breads, DON'T FORGET the salt lol. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

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6 c
all purpose flour
1 Tbsp
2 c
shortening any kind
egg separated
1 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

Put 6 cups of flour into a bowl with salt. Cut in with pastry cutter or 2 knives the 2 cups shortening till you have small balls the size of large peas.
Separate the egg and put the whites aside. Egg yolk in a measuring cup. Add the vinegar and top it off with water to make one cup. Mix well.
Forming a large ball and separating it into 6 portions. This will make 6 bottom crust pies or 3 top and bottom crust pies.
Take one ball on a floured surface and press down. Take a lightly floured rolling pin and starting from the center roll out in ever direction.
Note: do not roll over entire surface cause you will have thin and thick areas. Often you will get some cracks in the outside edges. before they get big push them in with your hand to make your dough circular, then continue rolling.
When you have reached the desired thickness, pull the pastry up over the rolling pin and roll it on the rolling pin. This helps immensely when putting into the pie dish. Cut all the excess off with a pizza cutter or knife. Set these pieces aside by themselves.
There are different ways of making your pie edges look pretty. One is with a fork(very easy),the curly edge is done with your thumb on one hand and your thumb and forefinger on the other. Use your imagination.
Add your filling what ever it may be. Roll out the top crust for full pie or you can cut strips even from the scraps to make a criss cross pattern in any shape you like.
When you are done making all 6 pie shells you can gather of the scraps and roll them out for criss cross as above or you might even have enough for some tarts or another bottom crust..
Baking the pie shell for a pudding type pie only requires approx 15 mins(poke holes in bottom crust with a fork) or until golden brown. A filled pie will take a little longer 20-25 mins or until golden brown. Bake at 350-375 degrees.I hope these instructions help you as you make your pies! ~Enjoy!

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Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking
Sep 25, 2013
Thank you Barbie! I know it will have me. You have been PINCHED!!! BOBBY:)
Barbie Cunningham Barbeeznet
Sep 25, 2013
Thank Bobby :) Enjoy!!
Racquel Sweeney racquelsweeney
Sep 26, 2013
Thank you Barbie, great trips that I will use,just one thing not sure of shorting is that just like a lard (block of cooking fat)..sorry am Irish probably lard same idea..have pinched :*)
Barbie Cunningham Barbeeznet
Sep 27, 2013
Yes you can use lard, margarine, butter, shortening is all vegetable I hope that helps. I have made this with margarine too and lard. Thanks for the pinch :D
Racquel Sweeney racquelsweeney
Sep 27, 2013
Thanks Barbie, for taking the time and telling me that ; much appreciated ,when I've made it will let u know how I got on :)
Barbie Cunningham Barbeeznet
Sep 29, 2013
Your Welcome and that will be Great Racquel always look forward to hearing about how this recipe worked. :D The one thing I know from experience is mots other pastries always crumble and are hard to work with especially with many rollings. This recipe does not fall apart.
Bea L. BeachChic
Sep 30, 2013
Racquel Sweeney racquelsweeney
Oct 4, 2013
Hi Barbie, just want to let you know ,I made your pastry .I used lard to make it cause I made a chicken pie ,very easy to work with when rolling out not sticky at all .turned out brilliant very tasty thanks for sharing :)....
Barbie Cunningham Barbeeznet
Oct 8, 2013
Very awesome Raquel glad you liked it. it is awesome for pies too and thinking of making some real soon since hubby has a sweet tooth.
anne hubbard lukefeb14
May 5, 2015
Hi Barbie, I'm going to make this over the weekend for a chess pie. I have only been successful with pastry crust about 25 percent of the time, b/c you have to work so fast to keep everything cold or it will be tough, not flakey. I've read several recipes that call for vinegar, so there must be something in the vinegar that helps prevent a tough crust. And you're right, I've never seen this version in any cookbook. Wish me luck! I think this one is going to work out...