Easy Bird or Eagle Pears

Stormy Stewart


These are so easy and cute. a perfect addition to a kisds party or as a after school treat

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as many as you wish


10 Min


fresh pears
white chocolate bark or chips
peanuts for bill
small candy eyes or black icing in small tube
coconut flakes
cocoa powder to color coconut
a stand or a little rolled foil to make it stand up

Directions Step-By-Step

Holding the pear in your hand pull off the stem.
Mix coconut with a little cocoa to color or simply toast the coconut
Microwave chocolate until liquid checking and stiring every 30 seconds or on a double boiler.

Then dip top half of the pear in white chocolate and add a little white coconut to the head and use the brown colored coconut to roll the middle in before it drys.
Next dip the end of a half peanut or an entire peanut in the white chocolate, afix and hold in place until set. do the same for the eyes.
They dry fast so work fast or creat an assembly line

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