Easy Peppermint Ice Cream Brownie Bomb

Nor M.


I have loved Peppermint Stick ice cream since I was a little girl. I wanted to make something special. I came up with an idea to add oreo cookies as a center filling for the ice cream. The ice cream and oreo's are delicious together. I added some peppermint kisses,and candy cane,all incased in a brownie shell. I topped it off with a chocolate Ganache. This will be a hit at your holiday dessert table. The mint and chocolate together is the bomb. Boom!!! Enjoy all, and Happy Holidays to you, and yours!

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25 Min
30 Min


2 box
ghiardelli double chocolate brownie mix
2/3 c
oil vegetable or canola
1/2 c


row oreo cookies optional
large container peppermint stick ice cream


1 c
chocolate chips dark or semi sweet
3/4 c
whipping cream


1/2 bag(s)
candy cane kisses cut in half optional
crushed candy cane optional


1Grease 2 8 inch isquare pans or 2 9x9 pans. Mix brownie mix with the oil, water and eggs Do not beat. Stir to incorporate well. Pour in to pans and bake at 350 degree's per directions on boxes.
2Line stainless steel, or freezer safe 3 quart bowl with plastic wrap. Let wrap over hang on sides about 4-5 inches all the way around bowl.
Remove brownies from oven and cool until warm. Cut brownies in rows not squares. Trim off hard edges.
3Press brownie strips inside lined bowl. Mold to bowl with out flattening brownies, and squish sides of brownie pieces together. It is ok to be an inch from top of bowl. Fill brownie bowl with half the container of softened ice cream. Sprinkle chopped oreo's over ice cream. Top with remaining ice cream and smooth top. Turn excess brownie edges in over ice cream, make as level as possible. Pull excess plastic wrap over to cover ice cream . Place bowl in freezer. Freeze for several hours to overnight until completely frozen.
4Make Ganache when ready to frost. Remove ice cream from freezer. Pull ice cream from bowl grasping plastic wrap. Turn round side up on freezer safe plate that is trimmed with wax paper to catch chocolate dripping. Plastic plate, spring form pan bottom, or foil lined card board will work.
5In a saucepan mix chocolate chips with whipping cream over medium heat. Stir until melted and chocolate is smooth. Remove from heat.cool for a lityle while before pouring.
6Start pouring Ganache over top. Pour in a circular motion around top. Alowing it to drip down all sides. Spoon some on spots missed. press kisses in to bottom sides of cake. Sprinkle top with crushed candy cane. Place Bomb back in freezer uncovered until chocolate sets. After it sets. cover with wax paper and plastic or foil until ready to serve. Set out to soften a bit before cutting.

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