Gobble em up Turkey Cookies

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1 pkg oreo double stuffed cookies
1 pkg candy corn
1 pkg whoppers candy
1 pkg small peanut butter cups
1 can(s) white frosting or colored icing
candy sprinkles for the eyes

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Dee's notes for this recipe:
So much fun to build. My daughter and I made a bunch of these for our Thanksgiving Dinner one year and it was a HIT! SO cute and super easy to make!
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Take out about 1/4 cup of the frosting and tint with food coloring to make orange (red & yellow) this will be used to make thier feet and thier "gobbler". Use a few tablespoons of the frosting and tint yellow for thier eyes. I put the frosting in sandwich bags and cut the corner off so I could use this to draw on his feet and eyes and gobbler.
Use 2 cookies for each turkey. one you lay down as a base.One Cookie I layed down flat, the other I cut a little off the bottom so it would lay flat as a backing for the turkey. Take 7 candy corns and press into the cookie that you cut, press the white pointy end into the cookie cream.Glue this to your base..Using frosting, glue a peanut butter cup, small end facing out to the base..On top of the peanut butter cup, glue a whopper. Breakoff a piece of a candy corn,(the white piece) and using frosting, glue it for a beak. now take 2 candy corns and glue on each side for his wings.
Taking the colored frosting, I then drew on feet and eyes and his "gobbler". I used candy sprinkles for his eyes.


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