Boccone Dolce -Chocolate & Strawberry Delight

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Sheri's notes for this recipe:
My mom made this for my birthday cake one year and it become the family favorite of all family and friends.

This is delicious and people will eat every bite. I little bit labor intensive but well worth the delight. Enjoy.
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June 22, 2011 Sheri Krizek
Boccone Dolce


4 egg whites
pinch of salt
¼ teaspoon of Cream of Tartar Beat these three ingredients until stiff.

1 Cup granulated sugar Slowly add 2 T @ a time and beat into egg whites.
(Add 2 tablespoons at a time to egg whites)

Trace three 8 inch circles on wax paper and place on baking sheets.
Spread meringue ¼ inch thick inside of each circle.

Bake in 250 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

Remove from the oven and immediately peel off the wax paper and let cool.


6 ounces of melted chocolate chips
3 tablespoons of water Melt together.

1 pint of Strawberries sliced

3 Cups of Whipping Cream Whipped into stiff cream
1/3 cup granulated sugar Slowly add to stiff whipped cream 2 tablespoons at a time.

Asembly of the Layers

Place first meringue on serving dish
Dizzle melted chocolate over meringue
Spread ¾ “ layer of Whipped cream mixture
Layer of sliced strawberries
Repeat for second layer
Finish layer with third meringue on top.

Frost top and sides with the remaining whipped cream mixture.

Top with glazed Strawberries

Melt currant jelly and coat 10 whole strawberries and set on plate with points up. Refrigerate. Keep in refrigerator until ready to serve.

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