Old Timey Fudge

Millie Johnson Recipe

By Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR

makes 3 1/4 pounds
5 Min
40 Min
Stove Top

My mother always made the Hershey's fudge from the recipe on the can. Over the years I have played with that recipe and this is my version. You may use any kind of nut you like (or none at all). Every Christmas my parents and children request this fudge and I am happy to make it for them. I'm sure you and your family will love it, too !

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Notes from the Test Kitchen:
A classic! Good and creamy, this fudge will make a great addition to any dessert platter or gift basket.


5 c
2/3 c
cocoa powder (i use hershey's)
1 can(s)
(12oz.) evaporated milk
1 c
1 stick
real butter
1 Tbsp
pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp
1/2 c
pecans, in pieces

Directions Step-By-Step

Set up a work area for tempering the fudge. I run about 3 inches of cold water in the sink and lay out a dish towel next to it. The water will be to quick cool the chocolate and then you set the pot on the towel and stir. ( the towel also keeps you from dripping water when you pour the chocolate.)
Coat a 8x12 pan (9x13 will be ok, too.) with butter and set next to towel.
Cut remaining butter and set aside.
In a 6 quart pot add sugar, cocoa powder and salt. DO NOT TURN ON THE HEAT YET !
Using the flat side of a spatula mix well. You do not want clumps.
Add both milks and stir til well mixed and there are no lumps.
Turn heat on to medium high and bring to boil. Notice how it looks like there is not much in pot. Stir CONSTANTLY.
As the mixture heats up it will bubble up.
When it reaches a certain tempature it will start to go back down.
It will start to really shine.
Every now and then do a water test. To do this, fill a glass with cold water and drop some fudge mixture into it.
When it reaches the softball stage remove from heat. Softball stage is when you can roll the drop into a soft ball.
Add vanilla extract and stir..it will bubble up some as it burns off the alcohol. Add butter and stir.
Now dip pot into water in sink for 4-5 seconds then place on towel and stir. Repeat several times.
Mixture will begin to thicken. Add nuts and stir.
Mixture will start to look a little dull..Hurry and pour into buttered pan. Sprinkle a little nuts on top if you want.
Let set up for 20 minutes then cut with a smooth bladed knife
Let cool completely before putting in a bag or tin. Otherwise it will sweat and not look so pretty... Enjoy !

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Candies, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Sugar
Regional Style: American
Collection: No Bake Desserts
Hashtags: #fudge, #cocoa, #pecans

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steven sellards sausagesteve
Dec 21, 2012
ok Millie, pinched another one! Howin all Hell can a person not gain weight this time of yr! sheeeesh! Gotta make this w/daughter, we make fudge every yr. This recipe looks just right.
Joey Wolf 8of10
Dec 21, 2012
ummm, Millie....how much cocoa powder?
steven sellards sausagesteve
Dec 21, 2012
Ccan you enlighten all to "How much Cocoa Powder" is called for? thanks
Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR
Dec 21, 2012
I'm sorry Joey and Steve.. 2/3 cup... I was having a lot of trouble with it not putting everything I wrote on the recipe and the steps.?? I have never had it do that before. I had to re-enter several steps. I did not proof read the ingredient list...my bad. I have gone in and edited it in now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention ! You have a great day and Christmas !
Kimberly Richards KARichards
Dec 21, 2012
Millie, that looks wonderful! I have to say I have never made fudge in my life I just may have to give this a go...
Julia Ferguson judyjellybean
Dec 21, 2012
Millie, I love old timey cooked fudge as well. There is something about it when you bite into it. I call it toothsome, it is firm enough it gives just a little resistance when you bite into it. Then all the creamy chocolatyness, YUM!
I have used the Hershey recipe all my life. Sometimes I add a cup or more of peanut butter instead of the butter. Also, I have never used a candy thermometer, only use the soft ball stage method. That's the way my mom taught me. I love the old timey ways of doing things.
Thanks for sharing your recipe, I love it.
Betty Campisi BLCBaking
Dec 21, 2012
Millie, I have just finished making a batch of this wonderful fudge. I have been making this for about 45 years now. I also put about 1 to 2 cups of coconut along with the pecans. We can't have Xmas without it.
Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR
Dec 21, 2012
Kim, I added a lot of pictures of the steps to make it easy.... If you have trouble just let me know and I can help you.
Julia & Betty, it just would not be Christmas without it ! I'm hoping my daughter will start making it so she can pass it on. Or maybe I'll get the grandkids to help and teach them. lol. The oldest really likes to cook and helps me in the kitchen when he's here. You just can't beat the old fashioned way of making fudge !
Love the ideas of adding peanut butter an the coconut. ummmm ummmmm !
Bea L. BeachChic
Dec 21, 2012
Wow! I love your specific directions. I'll give it a whirl sometime. Thanks....great post.
Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR
Dec 21, 2012
Thank you , Bea.
Maria * WWCook1
Dec 22, 2012
Oh Millie this looks grand and although I love fudge I've never made it. Your pictures for each step and specific directions intriges me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this old fashion recipe.
Kimberly Richards KARichards
Dec 22, 2012
I too was quite impressed with the directions...good job!
Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR
Dec 22, 2012
Thanks Maria and Kimberly. I was trying to break it down so people would not be intimadated by it. You can use a candy thermometer and it has the markings on it that tells the softball stage...I was using one there for a short time and my fudge was not doing good.. come to find out the thing was not working right ! You can always reheat if it turns out too soft..or I have used it for ice cream topping or just plain ate it with a spoon ! lol Even the "failures" are a success ! lol :)
Virginia McGee vkm520
Dec 23, 2012
Hi Millie, lost my holiday cook book so I came here hoping someone would have this recipe. I like the sound of the changes you've made so I'm going to give it a try. Thanks. - Virginia