My Mother's Best Fudge Recipe (5 Pounds)

Debi McMurray Recipe

By Debi McMurray MCFOODIE

many depending on how many pieces you cut. It makes 5 pounds.
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

This is a recipe that my Mother has made since I was small. We couldn't wait until the Holidays to have it. It is so creamy that it will literally not get dried out for a long time, (that is should it last that long). She always said her secret was her pan, however, when we talked her out of her recipe, we made it and now know what the secret is. We feel that the secret of the creaminess to this recipe is all of the butter, the large marshmallows (do not use miniture marshmallows or marshmallow creme... it's not the same and I don't know why).....and cooking it to the soft ball (exactly... no longer) and then adding the vanilla. It's a process and it's based on the Russell Stover's recipe, supposedly, (but way better) because it isn't packaged, it's homemade. It's an incredible recipe that I don't ever want to live without on the holidays. I will definitely keep this in my family forever. It's also the memories attached to it. The minute she brings it out, the hands start flying toward the platter. It was my Father's favorite (he's now passed) but I can remember seeing his face each holiday season light up for this fudge.

She always added at least a pound to two of nuts in this recipe. The nut content would be nut upon nut. Of course, if your family doesn't like nuts, you can leave them out.

This is probably our family's favorite sweet for the holiday just because it tastes so great.


4 c
1 can(s)
evaporated milk
2 stick
1 tsp
12 oz
chocolate chips
1 pkg
large marshmallows
2 lb
pecans or black walnuts (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

1.Before beginning, take a large dish (at least 9 x 12 or larger) and butter it, getting it ready for the fudge to be poured into, when the fudge is finished. 2. In a heavy pan, add the sugar, evaporated milk, and 2 sticks of butter. Start heating this over medium heat to medium high heat. Heat to a boil and let it boil on low heat until it comes to a soft ball stage. At this point, add the vanilla and do not let it go any longer. Do not continue cooking. It is very important to take it off at this point so it doesn't overcook or get sugary. Add the chocolate chips and marshmallows and start stirring quickly into the hot mixture.
3. If you want nuts, add the nuts at this point and pour it into the greased pan.
4. This will have to set for several hours before cutting because it is a very deep fudge and makes 5 pounds. PATIENCE is worth the wait.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Candies, Chocolate

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Sandy Griffin skgriffin51
Nov 23, 2011
thanks Debi
Debi McMurray MCFOODIE
Nov 23, 2011
As far as the Pet Milk, it is the regular size can which is not the tiny can. I guess it's the large can if you are calling it the large and small. I've never seen a really large can. I have seen tiny cans.
Debi McMurray MCFOODIE
Nov 23, 2011
Soft ball stage is on the thermometer or you can do it the old fashioned way and it forms in water by dropping a little of the candy that you are boiling into a cup of cold water and it will actually form a soft ball. You can feel it between your fingers when you drop it down in the water and you don't want it until you actually can put your hand down in there and feel that soft ball form. Don't wait too long it will become a hard ball and that it what some candies call for. Then it is hard ball stage which is what things like peanut brittle calls for.
Sandy Griffin skgriffin51
Oct 18, 2011
what size can of Pet Milk the large one or the small one?
Kimberly Kolligs Kimk105
Oct 18, 2011
I must be dumb, but what is the "soft ball stage?"