Dutch-Oven Cobbler

Diane M. Recipe

By Diane M. dinee


When you are camping or simply don't want to heat up your oven, this is a fun treat to make! Try using different fresh fruit, or canned pie fillings. Or maybe with Raspberries or Cherries you can use a chocolate cake mix! The possibilities are endless, but you will also get the same response-"Wow!"

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this recipe is for a 12
8 c
fresh peaches or berries mixed w/ 1/2 cup sugar (or 3-20 oz cans of pie filling)
1 box
of white or yellow cake mix
3/4 c
water or drained juice from fruit
cube of butter

Directions Step-By-Step

For easy clean-up, line dutch over with foil. Be sure that all edges are kept within top edge, so that lid fits correctly.
Light coals before you mix the ingredients and get them going....I like to use this handy tractor disc on legs as a dutch oven stand, and this coal lighter tool with a handle. I've also seen people light their coals in a bottomless coffee can or just in a camp fire...
While coals are getting hot, pour fruit in foil-lined (spray pam on foil) dutch oven. Then mix the dry cake mix and liquid in a bowl. Pour the batter over the fruit in dutch oven. Slice butter over cobbler.
For a 12" dutch-oven put 12 hot coals under dutch oven and put about 12 coals on lid (if using a 10" dutch-oven put 10 coals). Let the cobbler cook about 45 mins. Check it occasionally to make sure it's not too brown. You want it a light golden brown.
When it's done, carefully remove coals from lid. Place dutch-oven on a wooden cutting board or heat-safe surface to serve. We love it with vanilla ice cream!
We also like this made with pineapple-cherry filling, or berries, or apple pie filling with spice cake mix!

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Gail Welch sugarshack
Jul 18, 2011
What a unique recipe! Sounds delicious.
Diane M. dinee
Jul 19, 2011
Thanks, Gail! We love dutch-oven...It seems to take us back to a simpler time and gets us outside!
Helen Ottens supersewlady
Jul 19, 2011
Our family are big Dutch Oven cooks and this cobbler recipe is one that we have used many times, both camping and in the back yard. We love it and never tire of making it;.
Diane M. dinee
Jul 19, 2011
So glad to hear it, Helen! Some like to just dump the cake mix on top with the butter slices, but I find the crust comes out better if a little liquid is mixed with the cake mix first...