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Chocolate Cake Recipe

By Lisa Glass Sqrlmama

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Lisa's Story

When my mother passed away, a close family friend made us two wonderful cakes. One was the Kentucky Apple cake, which was a hit with the big guys, and the other was this moist, dense chocolate cake, which was a hit with my three sons and their friends. My twin boys requested this for their birthday with one stipulation - they each wanted their own cake, just for them! Oh, and don't be thrown off by the inclusion of coffee in the recipe. You would never know it's there. Matter of fact, if my boys knew it was in there, they would freak out since they hate coffee!

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Notes from the Test Kitchen:
It's true... This is one of the best chocolate cakes we have ever made! Simple and straightforward, this is one of those recipes that everyone will love. (Be sure to have plenty o' milk on hand... yum!)


1 3/4 c
all purpose flour
2 c
3/4 c
cocoa powder
2 tsp
baking soda
1 tsp
baking powder
1 tsp
1 c
strong black coffee, cooled
1 c
1/2 c
vegetable oil
1 tsp
real vanilla extract
1/2 c
margarine, softened
2 oz
melted unsweetened chocolate, cooled
3 c
powdered sugar
3 Tbsp
2 tsp
real vanilla extract

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Lisa Foley Lfolz
Dec 6, 2014
My son and I found this recipe on Pinterest several years ago. After realizing we had all of the ingredients on-hand, we made it that is by far the best cake recipe. It is the cake that everyone requests now for their birthday or other special occasion cake.
joanne souza mamzi
Aug 6, 2014
Absolutely the best chocolate cake recipe, and I think I've tried just about all of them. The first time I made this my husband and I ate the entire 2 layer frosted cake in about 2 days. Don't judge! It is that good. :-)
Judy May JudyMay
Jun 13, 2014
I've been making the Black Magic cake for years. one of my families favorite cakes.
Rose Selvar potrose
Jun 13, 2014
Julianne Frazier,
This cake does not need "doctoring up". It is perfect just like it is. 6/13/14