Breakfast Recipes to Start the Day Right

Homemade Raisan Walnut Granola Cereal Recipe

Homemade Raisan Walnut Granola Cereal


You can substitute any chopped dried fruit for the raisans. And any nut for the walnuts....

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Vegetable Omlette Recipe

Vegetable Omlette

By Sher Gentry

Eggs are very versatile and they aren't just for breakfast. This is a simple version of...

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Crème Brulee French Toast Recipe

Crème Brulee French Toast

By Lynnda Cloutier

This is an elegant breakfast for brunch dish for special occasions or just because you want...

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Coffee Cup Scramble Recipe

Coffee Cup Scramble

By Ann Marie Jones

While not my own recipe I have passed this on to many friends who are enjoying...

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