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Dutch Honey Pancake and Waffle Syrup

By Angela Gray angiemath

Recipe Rating:
8-10 depends on how much you use !
Prep Time:

Angela's Story

This was passed down to me from my Grandmother. It is so good you won't ever and I mean never eat store bought syrup again ! I have also listed The Waffle House waffle recipe ! You know how good they are !


1 c
corn syrup, light
1 c
1 c
half and half
1 tsp
vanilla extract *( optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Bring all ingredients * except vanilla * to a rolling boil for one minute. Stirring constantly.
Take off the heat and add *vanilla if using it. Let cool slightly. Will thicken as it cools, this is not a really thick syrup.
Enjoy it on pancakes and waffles or anything else you can think of. It is so good and sinful we can't eat regular syrup anymore !!!!
Refrigerate any leftover syrup for up to a week. But, I bet you won't have any left !

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Leanne D. icookfor5
Feb 15, 2015
I think people used a lot of this syrup because it wasn't very thick,but it had a good flavor! I used brown sugar.
Barbara J. Matern barbiedollmatern
Sep 28, 2013
Wow, sinfully delicious, threw My diet right out the window!!!
Nancy Hearell rayna304
Aug 27, 2011
When I read the name of this syrup I expected it to have honey as one of the ingredients. I will have to try this next time I make waffles for my daughter and grandson. It sounds good.
Aug 15, 2011 - Angela Gray shared this recipe with discussion group: Family Food Traditions--Sharing JOY on the Journey