Garlic & Sundried Tomatoes Cornbread Muffins ( Kat

Kathy Griffin Recipe

By Kathy Griffin bamagirl125

Love these hot from the oven, just can't remember where I got this idea from, did make the change from a boxed cornbread mix to my own recipe though. You can use a box or your own recipe, and these still go great with any meal you want cornbread with. Hope y'all enjoy

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cornbread (kat's) link is below
3/4 c
whole kernel corn ( drained if from a can)
1/4 c
sun dried tomatoes, dry packed, minced
2 tsp
garlic powder


Cornbread (Kat's) mix up cornbread but leave the honey out, add the tomatoes, garlic and corn, bake as directed in cornbread recipe.
OR just add the tomatoes, garlic & corn to your favorite cornbread recipe