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Teresa's notes for this recipe:
I hate that yucky grayish-green color that can sometimes destroy the look of my hard-boiled eggs. I ran across this recipe several years ago and haven't had that problem since! And by adding the baking soda to the water, the shells will slide off when you peel them. Now my Simple Deviled Eggs look stunning!

** Not the best picture but I swear they come out PERFECT!
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Put eggs in pot with enough water to cover eggs completely. Add baking soda to water. Cover and turn burner to high.
Bring water to a rolling boil; remove pan from burner leave covered for 15 minutes.
Drain water from pan, and refill with cold water. Pour off and refill with cold water until eggs are cooled.
Refrigerate cooled eggs for 2 hours before peeling for best results.

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user nellie rickey jus4nan - Oct 7, 2011
I also learned a new trick years ago..prick the end of the raw egg with a pin..I use a diabetic needle as it goes in just far enough..I use your method and they peel like wrappers on candy lol
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Oct 8, 2011
Nellie that's a great tip! Thanks!
user deb baldwin messinthekitchen - Oct 14, 2011
Nellie, does it matter which end you prick?
user nellie rickey jus4nan - Oct 14, 2011
I always do the bigger end..dont ask why lol

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