Easy Peasy Appetizer – Buffalo Chicken Bites

Andy Anderson !


This is a very easy appetizer to put together. Not only do they have great presentation, but also they taste good, to boot.

If you really want to save time, you can pick up some precooked shredded chicken, and some bottled blue cheese dip. But that homemade blue cheese dip, just can’t be beat.

So, you ready… Let’s get into the kitchen.

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20 Min
5 Min



1 clove
garlic, chopped
1 tsp
red wine vinegar
1 tsp
fresh thyme
1/2 c
sour cream
1/3 c
salt, kosher variety, to taste
black pepper, freshly ground, to taste
1/4 c
blue cheese, crumbled


1 medium
chicken breast, skinless, boneless
1 Tbsp
sweet butter, unsalted
1 Tbsp
olive oil, extra virgin
4 oz
cream cheese, at room temperature
1/4 c
ranch dressing
1/4 c
hot sauce, frank’s is the best for this recipe
1/4 c
sharp cheddar cheese, or pepper jack, freshly shredded
wonton wrappers


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3Gather your ingredients.

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4Add all the dip ingredients, except the blue cheese, to the bowl of a small prep food processor.

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5Chef’s Note: Season with salt & pepper, to taste.

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6Pulse until the ingredients are mixed and smooth.

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7Chef’s Note: Check the seasoning, and add a bit more salt and pepper, if needed.

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8Remove from the prep bowl, place into a small mixing bowl, and add the blue cheese.

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9Carefully fold the mixture together, and then reserve.

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10Chef’s Tip: This dip benefits from spending some time in the fridge. If you can make the dip the day before, that would be excellent.

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12Gather your ingredients.

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13Add the butter and oil to a small sauté pan over medium low heat.

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14When the butter has melted swirl the pan to mix with the butter with the oil, and then add the chicken breast.

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15Chef’s Note: Season the chicken with a bit of salt & pepper.

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16Cover and allow the chicken to slowly cook, until no longer pink, about 15 to 20 minutes.

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17Remove from the sauté pan, allow to cool, and then shred and reserve.

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18Add the cream cheese, ranch dressing, and hot sauce to a mixing bowl, and thoroughly combine.

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19Add the shredded cheddar, or pepper jack, and chicken to the mix and fold together.

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21Place a rack in the middle position, and preheat the oven to 400f (205c).

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22Add a tablespoon of the buffalo mixture in the middle of a wonton wrapper.

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23Pick up the opposite corners of the wonton wrapper, and pinch together.

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24Chef’s Note: Use a bit of water to seal the two corners.

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25Put the wantons on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

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26Place in the preheated oven until they become crispy, about 4 – 5 minutes.

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27Chef’s Note: This whole thing boils down to timing. Leave them in the oven for too long and the wanton will harden and have the consistency of a dough cracker (not a good thing). The difference can be as little as 60 seconds or less, so keep an eye on the oven.

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29Serve with the blue cheese dip, and watch them disappear. Enjoy.

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30Keep the faith, and keep cooking.

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Course/Dish: Poultry Appetizers
Main Ingredient: Chicken
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Low Fat, Soy Free, Low Carb
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