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CHICKIE Deviled Eggs - Chickies for Easter

By Phyllis Lively PhyllisBaker

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Phyllis' Story

Here is a new spin on deviled eggs!
Use black olives for eyes and a carrot sliver as the beak... how cute is that!!!

I found this "recipe" on Pinterest and had to share it for those of you who might want to make these cute little chickies for Easter. My sister made them and said that her husband told her he couldn't eat them..... why not, she asked. Because they're too dang cute.


hard boiled eggs
black olives
carrot slivers

Directions Step-By-Step

Here is a new spin on deviled eggs! Boil as many eggs as you'd like to serve. Mash the yolk & make your mixture as you normally would to stuff the egg.

Use black olives for eyes and a carrot sliver as the beak...
Adorable dish of little chickie eggs for your Easter table. Wouldn't they look cute using color-dyed-eggs.
Happy Easter!

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    Straw's Kitchen GrandsBest - Apr 6, 2012
    Ms Texas...saw these on Rachael Ray's show the other day...cute as a button.
    She used capers for the eyes and red bell pepper for the beaks.
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    Jan Bartholome 2HandsForHim - Apr 6, 2012
    These are just TOO cute, Phyllis.

    I have to make three dozen deviled eggs tomorrow. At least one dozen will be will help relieve the boredom of piping yolk mixture into the whites! LOL! I won't do them all this way because there will be teenage boys our gathering who just eat a whole egg in one big bite and don't even look at them! At least if I cut the rest in half (the usual way) they'll stretch farther! LOL!!

    One quick note about your recipe: You suggested coloring the whites--one of our "creative" young family brides decided to do that one Easter, and it made the whites kinda tough, so try it on a few before you commit to it!!
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    Annette W. greeneyez - Apr 6, 2012
    They are cute as heck. Hubby and I are making some to take to Easter dinner as well. I use orange bell pepper for the beaks. I'm also making a batch of curry deviled eggs. The questions remains, will they make it to Easter dinner, or will we eat them up before Sunday? They are just too darn good.
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    Marilyn Gallo LovetocookNJ - Apr 6, 2012
    I love the look of these chicks,they would be so cute for Easter. I agree they are almost too cute to eat. Phyllis, thanks for posting this recipe.