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Deep Fried Crispy Noodles

By Pat Campbell fillemup

If I had a dollar for every recipe I want to make, I would have a darn sight more money than I do now (LOL) This is another one to go on list to try.

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4 to 5 cups
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5 oz. pkg fine egg noodles
vegetable oil
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Directions Step-By-Step

Place noodles in large saucepan in enough water to cover; bring to boil. Cook, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes; drain well.
Fill deep fat fryer half full with oil; heat to 350....Drop noodles into basket in oil; cook 2 minutes. Remove from oil; drain well on paper towels.
Heat oil to 375...Return noodles to fryer; cook until golden brown and crisp. Drain well on paper towels; separat noodles if necessary.

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Course/Dish: Other Appetizers
Other Tag: Quick & Easy
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  • user
    Lisa Gustashaw pizzagirl - Nov 25, 2012
    then what do you do with them?
  • user
    Pat Campbell fillemup - Nov 26, 2012
    Hey Lisa, I have never eaten deep fried crispy noodles, that I know of. I posted the recipe because they looked as if they might be fun to eat. I was assuming the noodles would be an edible garnish for soup, or as a crispy, crunchy garnish for almost any type of Chinese fare, who knows, I may have eaten deep fried crispy noodles, and not realize I had. I dont analize the Chinese fare I eat, I only know I love to eat it. I am positive, if we put our minds to the task, we could find some very inventive ways to eat these delicious looking noodles. If you come up with a great way to use them, let all in on it. Be Blessed.
  • user
    Mckie Freese Miscrafty - Dec 29, 2012
    These sound good to top a green leaf salad. In place of the croutons.
  • user
    Pat Campbell fillemup - Dec 30, 2012