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Stormy's notes for this recipe:
Did you know everything to cleanse your body of toxins is as close as you kitchen pantry. Take a look below.
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Garlic--blood cleanser, lowers blood fats, natural antibiotic

Red clover blossoms--blood cleanser, good during convalescence and healing

Echinacea--lymph cleanser, improves lymphocyte and phagocyte actions

Dandelion root--liver and blood cleanser, diuretic, filters toxins, a tonic

Chaparral--strong blood cleanser, with possibilities for use in cancer therapy

Cayenne pepper--blood purifier, increases fluid elimination and sweat

Ginger root--stimulates circulation and sweating

Licorice root--"great detoxifier," biochemical balancer, mild laxative
Yellow dock root--skin, blood, and liver cleanser, contains vitamin C and iron

Burdock root--skin and blood cleanser, diuretic and diaphoretic, improves liver function, antibacterial and antifungal properties

Sarsaparilla root--blood and lymph cleanser,
contains saponins, which reduce microbes and toxins

Prickly ash bark--good for nerves and joints, anti-infectious

Oregon grape root--skin and colon cleanser, blood purifier, liver stimulant

Parsley leaf--diuretic, flushes kidneys

Goldenseal root--blood, liver, kidney, and skin cleanser, stimulates detoxification

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user Gail Welch sugarshack - Oct 27, 2012
Thanks, Stormy. Good info!
user missy gbaby Reese johnson butchreese - Oct 27, 2012
Thank you Stormy, good to know.
user margaret maxwell chatterwhat2 - Oct 28, 2012
Thanks Stormy for your tips! My friend is in an old folks home and they have fruit flies. I am going to use some of your suggestions of ridding the rooms of your home with her. Thanks agian. mm
user Jan Chavez Jan_Chavez - Nov 2, 2012
This is very informative but how do we fix them. Can all these items be made into a tea or what?

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