Tea Party Toast Cups

Maureen Haddock


You can make these little cups ahead of time. Keep them in a cool dry place in one of those large cookie tins your grandma loved. Small children like to have their snacks in small containers. My grandchildren enjoy filling their own toast cups. Imagine multigrain toast cups with banana and peanut butter, or raisin toast cups with grated apples and shredded cheese. Toast cups make appealing appetizers for adults too. I love a filling of mashed avocado with crab meat.

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As many as you like
15 Min
15 Min


several slice
of bread from sandwich loaves (raisin, multigrain, gluten free)
assorted fillings: egg salad, chilli, antipasto, grated vegetables or fruit, grated cheese, grated pickles, tuna salad, or anything else you like.


1Each slice of bread will provide you with four toast cups. Cut crusts from the bread slices. Quarter each slice forming four squares. Press bread squares into small, muffin cups (not greased). (The empty muffin cups should hold 4 teaspoons of filling)
2Push the bread squares into the muffin cups using a wooden tart-press. Bake the bread-lined muffin cups for 15 minutes at 350°F or until corners are slightly browned.
3Turn the pan upside down to remove toast cups. Cool. Store toast cups in a tin until you are ready to serve them.
4To serve:
Fill toast cups as desired and place them on a platter, or invite your guests to fill their own. To do the latter, provide several filling options and serve the toast cups in a basket nearby.

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