Frozen Crunchy Punch

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Serves: 50 per carton
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3-pkg.3oz jello-brand jello(i use the strawberry)
13-cups of boiling water
4-cups of sugar
12 oz of lemon juice (i use the bottled kind)
2-46 oz cans of pineapple juice(use name brand)
1-2 liter bottle of ginger ale or 7 up(i use ginge ale)
4-1/2 gal.size empty milk or orange juice cartons
or 4- 2 liter empty soda bottles

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Mary R's notes for this recipe:
This punch was made for my wedding ,over 18 years ago,by Mrs Earla.It is quick and eazy and can be made week's or even months ahead.It is the punch I serve in our wedding chapel .I keep copy's of this recipe in the chapel as someone all way's ask for the recipe..
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What a fun punch! Perfect for luncheons or showers, this is a slushy delight for the senses.


Dissolve the 3 packages of Jello in 13 Cups of boiling water,add the 4 Cups of Sugar,stir untill dissolved.COOL:Add the 12 oz of Lemon Juice and the 2-46 oz Cans of Pineapple Juice.Mix well and pour in to the 4-1/2 gallon cartons or 4-2 liter soft drink bottles and freeze.(I have frozen these for up to 5 months)About two (2) hours before serving time ,remove carton from freezer ,cut away carton and place in punch bowl.Break into pieces with a large fork and SLOWLY add 1 Bottle of the Ginger Ale or 7Up for each frozen carton.Stir till crunchy and ready to serve.BE SURE TO HAVE THE GINGER ALE OR 7UP COLD WHEN YOU ADD TO THE FROZEN PUNCH.Personal Note::::I all way's slice a orange or lime thin and float on top of punch for presentation ...Hint.Pour Ginger Ale or 7Up SLOWLY down the side of the punch bowl,into the frozen punch it will stop the foaming that some time happens when pouring soda...I use Ginger Ale ,as I find it keeps the punch from being to sweet.In Fact I use the Wall-Mart brand because it is not as sweet..PERSONAL NOTE I just tryed 4 empty 2 liter soda bottles to freeze the punch in. I divided the punch evenly among the bottles,and then froze ..It worked as well if not better then the 1/2 Gallon milk jug's.It was eazer to cut open,I just punched a whole in the side of the soda bottle ,then cut in half and dumped the slightly defrosted punch in the bowl and then broke up with a fork till slushy.Then slowly pourded the Ginger ale down side of bowl.JUST becarefull when cuting the soda bottle in half that it does not roll that is why you punch a hole in it then use the hole to cut thru....

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user Mary R Morris photosister - Sep 13, 2011
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user Shelia Tucker cookbooking - Sep 13, 2011
Thank-You Mary this will sure come in Handy for so many events , Church, Showers, On Holiday Dinners for Family. I will print out and save.
user CC MCCART-FROST CCMCCART - Sep 13, 2011
Okay, you know me Mary, this is a great punch for when we have kids over for dinner and for the adults...well I'll serve it with a shot of vodka on the side....LOL CHEERS, CC
user Toni T Toni6921 - Sep 13, 2011
Mary, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Whenever I have it, I'll think of you and Shannan
user Julia Ferguson judyjellybean - Sep 13, 2011
Mary, This sounds refreshing and I bet it could be made sugar free, another plus. Thanks for sharing, I'm keeping this one handy.

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