pinch tips: How to Perfectly Cook Fish in a Pan

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Perfectly cook fish by following these tips from the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen.

Suzy MacFarland - Jul 26, 2018
Coating? Where? I never shake my fish while it is cooking. NO wonder the coating came off. It is best to let the one side cook until firm and before turning that way it will not fall apart. Also, I recommend non stick skillets when making any fish and not keeping the heat too high.
Sammie Ferrell - Feb 16, 2018
I thought the instructions were just fine. It left off the flour because flour is not needed unless yu just want it. And I believe it's healthier without. So thanks - I shall try it this way soon.
Nina Regan - Apr 7, 2017
For Gloria
First your fish should be thawed and the closer to room temperature the better. Second make sure your oil ( not too much) is nice and hot. Also I have a wide (WIDE) turner that can do a cod filet. If your filet is very long cut it in two equal pieces. I hope this helps and you have success.
Gloria Turcotte - Apr 5, 2017
Tilapia is foolproof, really. Show me how to fry a frozen/thawed piece of cod so it doesn't fall apart. No matter what I do, it's always a mess. Thank you!
Nina Regan - Apr 4, 2017
I cook frozen (but thawed) tilapia filets like this all the time. It's very quick and easy. IHOP serves tilapia like this with a creamy sauce and spinach underneath it. Delish! Sometimes I use an all purpose seasoning salt or sprinkles of fresh or dried herbs(thyme, garlic, Italian, parsley).
A lemon wedge makes a nice touch. This is a great recipe video, no coating needed.
Ron Wirrell - Mar 21, 2016
Everything does not have to need a coating to taste good. Besides being healthier which is one reason some people eat fish, the true flavor of the fish is brought out by the herbs, dusting of salt and pepper and perhaps a flavored olive oil. Try it. You just might like it.
Linda Knisley - Mar 14, 2016
So what was the tip? Cooking the fish?
julie sanders - Feb 13, 2016
No ČoÁŤĨŃĞ oŃ ŤĤĔ fish
Carolyn Taylor - Jan 29, 2016
Simple, not clotted with greasy batter, easy to personalize and the delicate flavor of the fish is the star.
donna sabol - Jan 8, 2016
Yes. Just thought perhaps it was left out of video as the item had a coating as if magic. Just trying to tighten up the video.
Gene Matson - Jan 7, 2016
Use your imagination and coat with whatever you would normally us to coat. To each his own. My personal preference would be a light coating of flour mixed with herbs (Dill, Thyme, Lemon Pepper). That is what cooking is all about.
Reda Copeland - Jan 6, 2016
yes it could... poor instructions really
donna sabol - Dec 30, 2015
Pretty clear but the coating part seems to be lost. ? Flour , corn meal ? starch anything else???herbs? Could be clearer.
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