pinch tips: How to Core a Head of Lettuce

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to easily core a head of lettuce.

Jo Arney - Sep 20, 2018
I remember seeing Alan Alda do that in some talk show (Dinah Shore) cooking segment way back in the 70s. I've done it that way ever since.
Andie Worth - May 14, 2018
So basic, and yet, when I order salad in a restaurant I get a core at least 50% of the time!
Jack Baskin - May 13, 2018
My mother taught me that around 1947 when she began teaching me to cook.
Arti Roo - Apr 28, 2018
Tina....what works for me is a 10.00 salad spinner purchased at a big box has a pully kind of way to spin the lettuce (like an old fashioned lawnmower) I core the lettuce, tear off good sized chunks dropping no more than 12 of a medium head in the spin basket at a time...pull the cord till the basket is really spinning the water out of the lettuce leaves...then drain the water,. I then remove THAT lettuce to a Tupperware type container for storage...then I continue on with the rest of that head. I find NOT over crowding it while spinning is a good thing, and I store the partial head as I said in an air tight container till needed...then when needed i put THAT lettuce in the spinner...I find it keep nicely for a few days that way. Do not let any amount of water just sit in the bottom of the spinner, it will get nasty. Hope this helps!
Tina Schaefer - Apr 28, 2018
so how can you keep lettuce from spoiling after you core it
Arti Roo - Apr 28, 2018
I thought that's how everyone cleaned a head of lettuce lol was hoping for some wondrous new way!
Brenda Hurd - May 4, 2017
Learned that in 1967 at my first job at Burger Chef.
Greg Wert - Oct 15, 2016
Why, oh why, must I waste time on a non-related video before seeing the one I clicked to see?
Ann Niessen - Oct 15, 2016
I've been doing this for years. Works great!
Marion Williams-Baker - Aug 27, 2016
I learned this many many years ago also. My Step Dad was a Master Chef and taught me that trick.
RuthE Haper - Nov 14, 2015
I learned this years ago at a Tupperware party. Lettuce keeper worked great.
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