pinch tips: How to Peel Potatoes

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows you an easy way to peel potatoes. No vegetable peeler needed!

Blondie Pussycat - Oct 23, 2018
There are some nasty comments on here. It's just a video!

Like Thumper said in the movie, "BAMBI," If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Just move on to the next thing or website.
Gwen Fugman - Oct 23, 2018
Thank you! I have arthritis in my hands. This works for me!
Caty Bowden - Jun 30, 2018
I tried this method once, and l did not care for it. It was too messy, and took too long for my liking. I prefer to use my vegetable peeler. I used to use a paring knife, but even my peeler is faster than that, for me anyway.
Blondie Pussycat - Feb 26, 2018
Potato skins do have nutrition in them, but not all or more than the potatoes.
Susan Stafford - Feb 26, 2018
Seems like it would take longer, more energy (stovetop to boil water & potatoes), and more mess. I could have had these peeled in 1/4th the time or less with a veggie peeler!
Catherine Ferensic - Oct 27, 2017
i haven't tried this method it looks to messy but if needed could be an option,my other thought would be a video on how not to waste food in the kitchen if you don't have a peeler use a knife and don't waste scraps save them in a bag for later use or leave them on and eat them
Beth Harris - Sep 20, 2017
Some people have mobility issues that prevent conventional methods. Lighten up, folks. We're all here to help each other out.
Gail Thomas - Apr 19, 2017
The point is a different way to peel a potato. I cannot believe that people are so petty. Don't like it don't do it.
Angela Martin - Mar 12, 2017
Too bad there's no option to "thumb down" some of these ridiculous comments.
Laurie Smith - Jan 30, 2017
I use a paring knife in under 5 min my potatoes are pealed.
Blondie Pussycat - Jan 30, 2017
Elaine Cobb~they are put back in the water to reheat them. The potatoes had to cool in order to peel them. Unless it is a russet, I don't peel mine.

The peel is NOT where "all the nutrition and vitamins are, but it does have nutritious value. The whole potato has minerals, and vitamins.
Marvin Beachler - Dec 3, 2016
I tried this method and this, in my opinion, is the greatest way to peel a potato. BTW, what do you people mean by "wasting water"? You save the water to reheat the potatoes.
Linda McIntire - Sep 28, 2016
I do not believing in wasting anything. With this technique, 1. Water, 2. Paper, 3. Potatoe skins, 4. Time. And very messy. I will either stick to the old fashion way, or the healthier way and keep the skins on. Umh, it tastes so good...
Sheree Voshell - Sep 25, 2016
OMG!! All this work just to peel a potato! Your adding so much more time to your prep. How can anyone say they have trouble peeling a potato with a peeler? They must not have a very good potato peeler! Seriously, this is far too time consuming - just grab a potato and a decent potato peeler and your done in like 20 seconds or less!!! But why peel at all? Even restaurants serve "smashed potatoes" these days, mashed potatoes with the skins. It's hard to find one that doesn't. No, most of the time you won't find any long pieces of skin in them. The skin is where all your vitamins and antioxidants, etc. are. But I gotta tell ya, anyone using this method must have an awful lot of time to waste.
Betty Spradlin - Sep 25, 2016
I should have added, cooking with skins on until completely cooked for popato salad type dishes or leave skins on to fry, peel raw any other times.
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