pinch tips: How to Chop an Onion Perfectly

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Nancy Rhyme - Feb 18, 2018
To keep your eyes from burning: Wear swimming or ski goggles, or better yet, purchase onion goggles. Lots of places sell them, including Amazon. Not expensive, and oh so worth it.
Richard Rowe - Feb 18, 2018
Lurene Fisher... have your husband do it. Onions don't seem to bother me, so my bride saves most of her onion chopping for me. Hope he's a helpful sort. Well, or at least I hope you've got another soul about to chop `em for you. Hint that it's a guy thing, because guys don't react to the fumes as severely as you. If it's another gal you have around, well, I just don't know what to say... clothespin on your nose, perhaps.
Donna Graffagnino - Feb 18, 2018
So, what about the rest of that onion?
Vette Clew - Jun 8, 2017
Mini ninja chops very well. $17-$19 bucks
Lurene Fisher - Feb 15, 2017
I want to know a tip so peeling onions doesn't burn my eyes??
Jeff H - Oct 4, 2016
Similar to how Gordon Ramsey shows you on his You Tube video. It works.
Sheafe Ewing - Jul 28, 2016
Susan. You might give us *your* "Perfect" method, although I'm not convinced even-size pieces is of importance in most, if not all, recipes
Susan Sackinger - Mar 3, 2016
Can't say I agree with this method. If you know any geometry you'll know that this doesn't make even sized pieces. You have to take into account the rings and in this case you aren't.
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