pinch tips: How to Cook an Over Easy Egg

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows you how to cook an over easy egg.

Nor A.M - Feb 1, 2017
It is sunny side up. LOL
Teresa Fisher - Feb 1, 2017
That's is sunny side up duh!
Susan Sackinger - May 23, 2016
I have a problem with this. No egg has to have that hard crust edge. Cook it slower(less heat) and with less grease and the brown edge magically disappears.

My dad refused to eat sunny side up or over easy eggs. When I was an adult, I finally asked him why. He said he hated that crust. I bet him I could make him an egg he would like. He was a stubborn man. If I didn't nail it, with both kinds having a solid white and mostly liquid yolk, with no edge, he'd never let anyone try it again. It took longer to make, but I got my dad to eat and enjoy an over easy egg.

I'd also like to mention you NEVER need to put grease, butter or oil in a non-stick pan. If you play by the rules--no metal ever (not even to taste), no high heat, no scrubbing, store with a cloth between pans--the nonstick lasts forever and always slides the food out. I didn't need to replace my teflon pans (20 yrs) until I could no longer prepare my meals. My aids couldn't believe what I told them, and ruined two of my pans before they came around.
donna sabol - Dec 30, 2015
Yeah there seems to be missing the flip the sunny side over part the part two after intermission?
Anyway , take the sliding egg tilt to one side of pan. Placing the weight of the yolk on that side slightly rock pan to be sure the egg slides and easily toss toward the opposite side. Or take a thin spatula, or rubber scraper and get under the edge of the loose egg and flip! Off course there is another way that I taught my 2 yr old. Steaming method!
Shelley Tiffany - Dec 25, 2015
I was going to make the same comment, but, enough said.
Pedro Rico - Nov 12, 2015
I have watched the videos, and I'm very impressed. I have learned somethig from each one of them.
I do all the cooking at home by choice. I'm retired my wife and my daughter work, so Ihave to cooke for them.
I saw how to cook scramble eggs, well on mine I add a table spoon of milk, or buttermilk, and salt and pepper of course. And I spiced little adding some chile pepper of my choice and some diced tomatoes.
On the over-easy egg, I'm sorry to say it, but that was a sunnyside up egg
Marcy Rao - Nov 6, 2015
I agree - this is not an over easy egg. This is called sunny side up. Over easy refers to turning the egg over in an easy manner, so as not to break the yolk. As opposed to over hard, where you turn it over hard enough to break the yolk and cook it thoroughly.
Dawn Williams - Nov 4, 2015
This looks like a sunny side up egg. A over easy egg should be flipped
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