pinch tips: How to Season and Care for a Cast Iron Skillet

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to season and care for a cast iron skillet.

Michael Iannone - Nov 19, 2018
I found an iron skillet at a yard sale this summer. It has rust on the cooking surface. I am hoping to find how to remove the rust and then season the skillet. Thank you.
John Chester - Oct 20, 2018
DON'T do what I did & try to grind down the 'kinda rough' surface in a new Lodge 12" pan!!!
It's taken me YEARS to develop new seasoning, but please learn from my mistakes.
Regularly cooking anything in it will help it a lot, but cooking bacon works best!
I tried veg. oil & shortening with less than desired results, but when I tried heating bacon grease in it, after washing, I got MUCH better results! I think ANIMAL FAT is the key (hence the other references to LARD).
Norman Champagne - Aug 24, 2018
Ok, here's my two cents. I got a cast iron skillet from my mom who got it from her mom. The skillet is at a minimum 40 years old. If a cast iron skillet is seasoned correctly you'll never have to use soap on it. In fact, you should never use soap unless it's a brand new skillet. I clean/season my skillet the same way my grandma did. Rinse/scrub with hot water only (no soap). I dry the skillet and put it on the stove top. Pour some oil in the skillet just enough to coat the bottom and turn the burner on high. You can swirl the oil around to make sure the bottom and sides are covered with oil. Once the oil starts to smoke, turn off the burner. Allow the skillet to cool and then wipe out the excess oil. I've been using the same skillet for 30+ years and never had anything stick to it. It's super easy to clean. It's great for frying fish or chicken, baking bread, and cooking casseroles. It'll last forever if taken care of.
carol jansing - May 15, 2018
I got my first iron skillet from grndmaw on my wedding day 58 yr. so we'll seasoned in the oven still going strong. Carol Jansing
Marty Wagner - Apr 21, 2018
Why do you have to put the skillet upside down?
Alice Winkler-Paetzel - Mar 28, 2018
my skillets have a hard gnarly crust on the outside. How do I rid them of that?
Ira Cohen - Nov 24, 2017
I agree You definitely missed the heating part. I used lard to season it placed it in the oven upside down and placed the oven in cleaning mode. This put a hard glaze that has lasted several years.
Roxann Clark - Oct 3, 2017
just got a skillet, I remember them from my grandmother, don't remember how she seasoned them so I will do the video. thanks JAP.
Laura Peace - Aug 14, 2017
That's ridiculous. To season it properly you must alternate oiling and heating in oven several times. In the old days the iron skillet never got a break, it basically stayed in use 24-7 so it was seasoned in the process.
Janet Bauman - Jul 13, 2017
You left out the step of placing it upside down in the oven for an hour at 300F.
Connie Villari - May 30, 2017
Question: D
on't you have to place skillet into oven to bake a bit to season it
Just remembering what I always seen my Grandmother do when seasoning her skillets.
Sandie Stevens - Nov 17, 2015
This sweet potato pudding looks delicious, It will be on my Thanksgiving table. We love sweet potatoes. Thank you Just A Pinch!!
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