pinch tips: How to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shares a no mess way to peel hard boiled eggs.

Patricia Hollenbach - Apr 7, 2017
I do use this method, but I do one or two eggs at a time in a small jar with lid and a splash of water. shells come off
Cheryl Freewalt - Apr 7, 2017
I do not usually comment when I have read a comment similar to what I would have said; but WOW! I think some folks need a good nap. I agree that the closet management segment was a little lengthy. I even thought, at one point, that the video had simply not been changed from a previous hint. However, it is really not something to get so upset over. And it was really a hint for peeling eggs, not cooking eggs. I have never tried a couple of the ways I have read in the comments nor the hint on the video. I have plenty of eggs to make into deviled eggs for Easter with which to experiment. I appreciate the comments.
Terry Jordan - Feb 20, 2017
My method for years...I put 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of salt in water to boil eggs. After boiling x 15 minutes, I take the pot to sink & drain all the water out of pot then completely cover eggs with cold tap water & let eggs cool completely to touch. Drain off cold water then shake eggs around in pan vigorously so they ard hitting against each other. F The eggshells crack all over & start falling off the eggs. If any egg shells remain, I just hold them under running cold tap water & while easily peeling of remaing shell. The running water helps the shell be removecd very easily & always use fresh eggs. Voila!
Carol Harpel - Feb 1, 2017
Addendum ---- If you want to switch sink side - Do it....
Carol Harpel - Feb 1, 2017
First - The comments are not monitored.. if someone happens to read a comment and they have an answer - and chooses to answer - you'll get an ANSWER!!
Second - This video is about how to PEEL eggs - not how to COOK them... try google...
Third - YES, they are cooked...
Fourth - Simply put ---------
Cook egg(s) --- Fill bowl with COLD tap water before removing eggs from heat - bowl size depends upon how many eggs you cooked - put in right side of double sink - remove pan of eggs from burner and put in left side of double sink and run cold tap water over eggs - have an empty quart jar ready and put a bit of cold water in it and 2 eggs - shake - empty eggs into awaiting bowl in right side of sink - repeat with remaining eggs - depending on how many eggs you're making, you can almost immediately reach into the bowl of cold tap water in the right side sink with the eggs in it, and the peel will come right off - repeat as many times as needed with amount of eggs cooked - it's ok if you have cooked an ODD number of eggs, deal with it!!!
'Never fry bacon in the nude'..
Dollie Kincheloe - Feb 1, 2017
What's the point in leaving a comment or question when no one answers?
Spud Chick - Dec 23, 2016
This video is not helpful without information about the cooking method, the temperature at which they are placed in the tupperware, the temperature of the water, how long they are to sit in the container, etc. I dug out headphones hoping for more information in a voiceover only to hear a useless jingle. Just glad my adblocker saved me from also having to sit through an ad like another commenter. Good example of a waste of time.
Greg Wert - Oct 30, 2016
Why am I forced to watch a full minute advertisement before seeing the actual content that I was looking for? In the time I've been writing this note, the ad is still running. Good Bye.
Mark Turner - Jun 15, 2016
Cool them to room temperature. That makes them easy to handle and the membrane on the shells firms up some. I haven't done this with cold eggs but from experience trying to peel a cold Hard Boiled egg, I know the shell becomes brittle. That's why the breaks into tiny pieces.
Cindy Atwell Moore - Jun 15, 2016
Please explain in details for this video. My husband & I have the worst time peeling eggs. Does it perhaps have to do with the age of the eggs? I always bought my eggs about 4 weeks ahead at Easter when my kids were little and it seemed to help, but we never ATE them. But to make pickled eggs or deviled eggs you don't want them to look raggedy. HELP ! please tell us how to get pretty peeled hard boiled eggs !
Sherry Porter - May 9, 2016
I let the eggs cool, then when I want to use them I peel them with a spoon.
Mark Turner - Mar 19, 2016
Cool your eggs, tap the big side down on the counter to break the egg. Put a small hole on the top small side of the egg (about 1/4 inch) then blow through the small side. The whole egg will pop-out of the big side! Works great!
Cindy Happli - Mar 17, 2016
I heard adding vinegar when cooking will help any egg peel better including farm fresh eggs, but if you can leave your fresh eggs in the refrigerator for a few days it would help.
Cramer Kay - Feb 24, 2016
Waiting to hear back regarding if the eggs are still hot or cold when using this method. What is the temp of the water? Is it just cold tap water or was it iced water? Do they at the other end even read these comments and questions from us here?? It appears no
Millie Kennedy - Jan 10, 2016
What about FRESH yard eggs. Tried adding baking soda to water. Didn't work.
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